Which medicines can be used during pregnancy?Hurry up and collect it for the daughter -in -law

Some time ago, I met a patient, pregnant women, and a history of atrial fibrillation.When you encounter medicine during pregnancy, you can’t stop and have trouble.On the one hand, the joy of being a mother is the distress of the disease.In daily life, the healthy pregnant mothers who usually encounter a cold and fever, and they are careful to take medicine and even dare not take medicine to be afraid to affect the fetus, let alone a pregnant mother who has basic diseases.

Weigh the advantages and disadvantages.Do not take a little medicine for a little medicine, and the mother’s body will be threatened.On the contrary, you must not be careless and desired. After all, the medicine is three -point poison, especially for the fragile fetus.

In addition to following the doctor’s advice, we can master some basic medical knowledge. After all, your own body and your own baby still need to be attentive.

Drug Instructions

It is the most direct and most obtained and easier drug information.There is a separate information on a single pregnant woman and breastfeeding women on the instructions.There are many stories that are not clear, after all, pregnant women rarely participate in clinical research on drugs.

Pharmacopoeia of the People’s Republic of China

It is written by the National Pharmacopoeia Committee, and the authoritative and reliable inspection tools are more authoritative than the pharmaceutical manual. It is currently updated to the 2020 version.

FDA pregnancy level

The internationally recognized more reliable and reliable US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) pregnancy grading.This grading is based on the danger of teratogenic hazards to varying degrees of abnormality on animals or pregnancy, and can be divided into A, B, C, D, D, X.

I can understand the detailed grades with energy. I feel that the long story is exhausted, and it is difficult to understand the summary of the boldness.

Category A: In the appropriate and control group research, there is no risk for the fetus in the first three months (and there is no risk of risk for the next 6 months of fetus).

Category B: In the study of animal reproductiveness, there is no risk of fetal fetuses but no proper and control group in pregnant women.

Class C: There are bad results in animal reproductive research, but they are not appropriate and controlled by people. This type of drugs can only be applied after weighing the benefits of pregnant women than the harm to the fetus.

Class D: According to the adverse response data of R & D or after listing or in person’s research, there is conclusive evidence of human fetal risk, but the potential benefits of using the drug may exceed potential risks.

Category X: In animal or human research, it shows that it can make the fetus abnormal, and (or) the adverse reaction data of the research and development or after listing or in person’s research, with conclusive evidence of human fetal risk, so the application of pregnant womenThe risk of drugs is obviously more than potential benefits.

Summary: Class A and B are relatively safe and can be applied. Class C and D are used to weigh the advantages and disadvantages. Class X is disabled.

In addition to the instructions, pills, and FDA grades mentioned above, there are also many medicines theory, guidelines, expert consensus, databases, etc. can also find more detailed information.

Looking back at the case starting this article, the pregnant woman has the basic disease of atrial fibrillation and is more difficult than ordinary pregnant women.By consulting the relevant database, Huafarin is X -level for ordinary pregnant women, and pregnant women with heart valve disease are G -level.Based on the condition, it is recommended that the pregnant woman reduces dosage or discontinuation within 12 weeks of pregnancy, and uses other anticoagulant drugs.You can be replaced back to Huafarin in the third trimester.

It’s okay to use the medicine and it’s okay, consulting the pharmacist is more assured

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