Which one is good for yellow rock sugar, brown sugar, brown sugar, red sugar?

There are various "brown sugar" on the market now

Many little friends can’t have headaches …

There are many products, how should I choose?

Let’s take a look with Xiaogu ~

1. Red granulated sugar

Red sugar is not brown sugar, it is a by -product of industrialized manufacturing white sugar.After the sugarcane and beets are squeezed, non -sucrose molecular chain such as minerals and other non -sucrose molecular chains are used as impurities to remove and discolored white granulated sugar.

The red granulated sugar is actually a white gray sugar tail material that cannot be completely decolored. About 15%of the tail material in the process of white sugar cannot be completely discolored. This part of the tail material is made into red granulated sugar.

Riccustose Nutrition Evaluation: ☆

2. Brown sugar

Swift juice of sugarcane, clearly remove impurities by physical methods, and evaporate the natural crystals after the concentration.

Brown sugar contains a small amount of pyrine, which can improve the micro -circulation of the uterus, promote menstrual blood or postpartum discharge; manganese, zinc, iron and other trace elements as the carrier of the hemoglobin of the body, play a role in nourishing qi and promoting blood circulation.

Brown sugar nutrition evaluation: ☆☆☆☆☆

3, black sugar

Brown sugar is oxidized brown sugar.One is to oxidize brown sugar on the humid air to make the surface of brown sugar black; the other is to cook sugarcane juice for a period of time, or cook the brown sugar back to the pan to make the sugarcane juice turn black. After cooling and moldingBlack.

Because many people mistakenly believe that brown sugar is good, many illegal merchants will crystallize brown sugar and even red sugar back into "brown sugar".This "black sugar" is repeatedly boiled, which is not good for the body.

Return to ignition brown sugar nutrition evaluation: ☆

It can be seen that brown sugar is true love!Especially girls, be cautious with sugar during menstruation, be responsible for their bodies, and drink real brown sugar!

Do you know how to distinguish authentic brown sugar?Below, Xiaogu will teach you to choose real brown sugar ~

Remember four points: watch, smell, cut, bubble

(1) See: True brown sugar has a bubble, exquisite texture, and can be rubbed into powder when it is hand; the fake brown sugar is tight, hard and obvious.

(2) Wen: True brown sugar has natural sugarcane fragrance; fake brown sugar does not have

(3) Cutting: True brown sugar is crispy and easy to cut, and it can be broken by hand; fake brown sugar is harder and difficult to cut

(4) Bubble: Real brown sugar soup is thick in color, and the color is brown -red or brownish yellow; fake brown sugar soup color is very light and pale yellow

Is it troublesome to pick and pick it?Choose Gu Fang brown sugar directly!

Guizhou old brand brand, selected Guizhou organic 荻 cane

Adopt a serial pot patented technology, hand -made hand -made

No chemical additives, safe and healthy

Menstrual brown sugar is selected. In those days, warmth, comfortable, not panic

4. The benefits of yellow rock sugar for the human body:

On weekdays, we will see some health and nourishing products, which are paired with rock sugar, such as rock sugar Sydney, rock sugar bird’s nest, rock sugar white fungus, etc.

Don’t look for the source everywhere so that good origin can produce good yellow rock sugar.

We are the origin of sugar sucrose, and the authentic yellow rock sugar in Yunnan uses traditional craftsmanship.Persist in the national standard GB/T35883-2018 Excellent yellow rock sugar standard sugar to make good sugar can be produced. Our old rock sugar ingredients are only sugar cane and drinking water. I really recommend you to taste it.

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