Who is the first woman on the planet? Several views today, which one do you agree with?

In fact, this is an old topic of chickens or eggs first. People with different positions in different knowledge are different.

I have already discussed many times such topics. Friends who are interested can read the similar articles I published earlier.But this seems to be an eternal topic.Since everyone is interested, let’s take a look and talk about it.

There are three views about who the first woman is: who is the first woman:

Shenchuang theory believes that there are no one in the world. The great gods feel that it is not fun and is lonely, and they create people.But there are many great gods in this world. Almost every nation has the great gods who believe in themselves. They (maybe they should use them because they are not human, but this is likely that the believers of God can not accept it.The methods are different. Let ’s pick up a few great gods below.

God is the most faithful god in the world. It originated from Jewish religion. Later, Christianity, Iraqi/Lanism, etc. These sects believed in God.There are different names in the sect, such as God, God, Lord, Allah, Allah, etc.

In the Christian Bible, God not only creates people, but also creates everything in the world, such as daytime and night, air and the sky, the sun, the moon and the stars, the mountains and rivers, the rivers and the lake, the flowers and trees, the fish, the ant, the birds and the beasts, etc.These were created by God for 5 days. On the 6th day, he created people and went to bed on the 7th day.

God called Jehovah. According to his image, he created a person with dust and a breath to his nostrils. The man lived. The name God gave him was Adam.Seeing that Adam was lonely, he let him fall asleep. He took off a rib to make a woman called Eve.

God created a beautiful and rich Eden for Adam and Eve, and explained that they could eat everything, that is, they could not eat the ban on good and evil trees.They lived carefree and happy in the Garden of Eden. Later, under the temptation of a snake, they stole the banned fruit. They gave birth to the two children of the Hidden and Abel.

Later, Adam and Eve gave birth to many children and reproduced humans.Therefore, in God’s creation, Eve is the first woman in humans.

The god of ancient Egypt is called Abum. It is a natural god without gender. His eyes can see everything in the world.At the beginning, he spit out a son from his mouth called Shu, as the god of air; then he vomited a daughter named Toste, as the goddess of humidity.These two secondary gods created the gods of the land and the god of the sky. Since then, the universe of chaos has been changed. The world has an order, but the two secondary gods disappear into the darkness.

Artum dug out his eyes to find two children, and finally asked them to return to themselves.Eatum shed tears excitedly, and every drop of tears fell to the ground and became a person, and since then human beings were born.

According to Ateum, the first woman was her daughter Trust.But she was not humans, and humans were not created by Toste, and eventually Artum’s tears dripped.Which drop of tears he dripped was the first woman and did not explain.

The legend of our great gods in China may know that it is the son -in -law.There are many ways to say the origin and identity of the son -in -law. We will not verify today.But human beings were created by son -in -law, which was unified in Chinese mythology.

However, how the son -in -law created a person is not uniform, some said that they were pinched out of their own appearances with Huang Mud, and some said that they were thrown out of the muddy mud with a willow branch dipped in the mud.In short, the son -in -law has a high status in Chinese mythology and legends. She is the ancestor of the humanities of the Chinese nation and the goddess of the beginning of the world. Not only is she creating people, but also refining stone to make up the sky and creating all things. She is a mother of creation.

Therefore, in Chinese legends, the son -in -law should be the first woman, just a goddess, and a god -like god.However, in some legends, the son -in -law was not the first woman, but was born of a great god named Hua’s.

It was said that one day, Hua Yan saw a big footprint in Rayze (Shan Hai Jing place name). Hua Yan was curious and used his own footprint to measure big footprints. As a result, he gave birth to Fuxi and women who gave birth to a snake body.Girl, so the son -in -law is a sister or sister of Fuxi, and it is said that Fuxi and the son -in -law are Yunyun Yunyun.

Anyway, myths and legends cannot be explained by themselves.If so, Hua Yi’s first woman is the first woman in the world.

In the world, there are many legends of the great god creation, such as the Great God of Japan, the Great God of India, the Greek goddess Gaia, the Great God of Babylon, the Great God of Persia, the Giant Ajula, the Giant Ancestor of Norway, Mexican Earth’s Mother Great Kobe Telica and so on.These great gods use their own methods to create the world and humans.

As for which great god who created the first human woman, in the world of the strong as the king, it depends on which great god is more powerful, or it depends on your preferences.

There are also several claims about human visitors. One is that life exists in the universe. Therefore, the life of the earth comes from the universe.; The two are human beings are not earthy earth, but brought by aliens, or humans themselves are aliens.

The first statement is supported by some scientists in the scientific community.There are two sayings in the scientific community:

One is that life has been evolved in the universe, so there are seeds of life on the dust of the universe, the comet, and the asteroid.Or some organic matter, they hit the earth with the cosmic dust or comet and asteroids, and gradually evolved the currently visible biological world.

The other is that life is native to the earth, and is urged by various factors such as the impact of small asteroid impacts that erupted by storms and lightning. In the sea, organic matter has evolved from inorganic objects.The evolution has appeared on behalf of the species.

Neither of the origin of the origin of life does not deny the evolutionary perspective, but only has differences in the earliest origin of life.At present, these two claims have certain evidence support. For example, a large number of organic molecules are found in the dust of the universe. In the experiments, it has evolved from scratch to evolved organic molecules from inorganic molecules.

Another saying that the celebrities and foreign visitors are the aliens invading the earth, or to the earth due to a certain opportunity, promoting the birth of wisdom and the evolution of human beings.There are two ways of saying this:

One is that aliens come to the earth, and Earth creatures are still in the original low -level state. It is that aliens have transformed certain biological genes, let them have wisdom, evolve into today’s humans;People, maybe they may be damaged by spacecraft or other coincidences. They come to the earth and find that they are the era when dinosaurs dominate. They use scientific and technological means to eliminate dinosaurs, but because they cannot leave the earth, they have to stay.

The latter statement cannot explain why human beings have slowly developed from ancient times to the present. Why ca n’t we always have very advanced technology?One explanation is that the aliens have exhausted their energy and resources after defeating the dinosaurs, and there are not many people left. They can only start from scratch and slowly develop from the primitive era.

But these claims are far -fetched, and there are no archeological evidence to prove it. I don’t believe it anyway.If this is the first woman, who is the first woman?Of course it is an alien.But to clarify this problem, it is time to go back to where the aliens come from and how their ancestors appear.

In fact, since Darwin’s "Species Origin" came out, the theory of evolution has gradually become popular and gradually becomes the mainstream cognition of the world.The core idea of evolutionary theory is that the species is gradually evolving and evolved into the same way. A bug, a bird, or various plant animals, including humans, are baptized by nature in the long survival competition.The survival of the things and the survival of the fittest and the survival.

Of course, this statement dug the ancestral tomb of God’s creation theory, which caused the extreme hatred of various religious groups, and there were many religious believers in this world. Therefore, there are not a few people who hate their teeth and teeth.However, since the emergence of evolution, it has quickly become the mainstream of the scientific community, because only the theory of evolution can scientifically explain the ins and outs of species. From then on, biology has guessed from closed eyes to the road of scientific exploration.

Of course, in the Darwin era, due to insufficient scientific means, the theory of evolution only provided a scientific method, and there were deficiencies and lacks in the evidence chain.With the development of modern science, research on genetics, modern archaeological, biochemistry, cosmology, and earth evolutionary history has continued to make major breakthroughs. The combination of these achievements and evolution has become the theory of comprehensive evolution of modern evolution, so as to be more accurateInterpret the biological evolution branch and the rigorous evolutionary chain.

The process of human evolution has become more and more clear.Modern comprehensive evolutionary and scientific theory believes that the earth’s life appeared 4 billion years ago when the earth was formed, and scientists at the University of London have discovered microbial fossils of 3.77 billion years ago in Canada.Before that, life had emerged.

Modern Life Tree believes that life has appeared around 4 billion years ago, and has been dormant in the form of microbial bacteria and slowly evolved.By the time of the Cambrian of 543 million years, life appeared in the form of explosive. It gradually reproduced from the sea water to the land, and gradually differentiated plants and animals.

Animals have evolved from software animals to vertebrates, evolved from egg -raising animals from the eggs, and the mammals that were born of vitality were differentiated from the mammals. Apes, apes, primitive people, and humans gradually differentiated from spiritual long animals.

Modern humans are descendants left by at least 15 kinds of people after extinction, but some of our blood are genes that have been extinct (such as the Naandrt)Has have performed intimate behavior.200,000 years ago, Gu Zhi people concentratedly survived in the African continent, about 100,000 years ago, and began to migrate to the world.Modern genetics believes that more than 7 billion people around the world are now the descendants of Homo sapiens migrated from Africa.

As a result, some scientists have been tracked by gene mitochondria, and the results they get are amazing ~ Today all human beings originated from a mother about 10,000 to 150,000 years ago!As a result, scientists named the great mother living in ancient Africa as "mitochondrial Eve" and took a nice name "Lucy".

Of course, we don’t need to use modern aesthetics to think that this "Lucy" is a beauty. In fact, she is more likely to approach the illustration of the illustrations above, but with the aesthetics at that time, it may be a beauty.

Regarding the "mitochondrial Eve", the earliest paper published in the world’s top scientific authority magazine "Nature".Allen Wilson.Of course, this statement is also controversial, but this conclusion based on genetic chart tracking is scientific, especially mitochondria is the most important beacon of genetic gene tracking, because mitochondria are very accurate genetic passwords, generally 20,000 years will only change.

This statement is not to say that there are only one "mother" in ancient Africa, but that the descendants left by many mothers have experienced more than 100,000 years of reproduction and continuation, and eventually no female offspring has spread.Because mitochondria only pass on women and do not pass on men, the ancestors who trace back through mitochondria can only be traced from a generation of women.

The descendants of the mitochondrial Eve mother, in the tens of thousands of years, have 36 women distributed all over the world, becoming a mature ancestor of all modern people. Therefore, these 36 mothers are called "clan mothers".Now there are more than 7 billion people around the world, and the descent of the 36 clan mothers flow on their bodies.

Of course, these 36 mothers have reproduced tens of millions of mothers from generation to generation, but no matter which mother is born, we can chase one of these 36 mothers, and these 36 live in tens of thousands of tens of thousands of people.The mother -in -law of the year -old clan traces the most primitive mother who goes back to "mitochondrial Eve".

Some scientific analysis believes that there was a huge natural disaster in the history of human evolution. For example, 74,000 years ago, the Daba Lake in Indonesia broke out, and the intensity reached level 8, resulting in global climate disaster. The average temperature dropped by 10 ° C and the food chain was broken.Primitive humans in the bud state could not find enough food, and only a few thousand people left.Among them, most of the women’s descendants have not been left.

In this way, after experiencing all the way, only the female offspring of the "mitochondrial Eve" was left.From this, we can think that "mitochondrial Eve" is the first mother and the first woman in modern humans.

From the perspective of evolution, there is no first woman, because "mitochondrial Eve" also has a mother, and her mother is already a whiseness.But it has been traced back to the state of the ape -human state millions of years ago. Earlier, the ancestors of human beings were brothers and sisters with orangutans. At that time, there were no "women", nor "the first woman".Essence

From the perspective of evolution, it is understood that the entire species of evolution is gradual. There is no problem with the problem of chickens or eggs first, and there is no problem of "the first woman".Moreover, the evolution of species will always be in progress, and there is no end., Including our human beings, it has been evolving and changing, and modern people and ancients have changed.

Of course, the evolution process is a slow carving of nature. After tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of years, the change can be more obvious.For example, British scientists depicting people after 1,000 years have become the kind of ghost look in the picture above (I do not agree). If the future people really become the kind of ghost, someone asks who is this kind of ghost look first?IntersectionOr who is the first woman who looks like this?This question cannot be answered.

Speaking of which, I do n’t know what my friends think of the first woman and how they think. Welcome to discuss and thank you.

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