Who is the problem of five years inaccurate?

The woman has been married to her husband for five years, but she has not been pregnant. She went to the hospital for examination and found that she was still a virgin. In the end, her husband’s explanation made people cry and laugh …

The words of the doctor made the couple fall into silence. After shocking, the woman’s eyes flashed a trace of disappointment and pain.She tried to mention a trace of courage and asked slowly: "Doctor, what’s going on? Why is it still my body?"

The doctor’s expression became embarrassing, and he carefully explained: "There may be some very special cases, such as when sleeping or in poor mental state, sexual intercourse may not completely occur. This phenomenon is very rare, but it is not impossible."

There are many questions in the woman’s heart, but she knows that she is no longer alone and must face this problem with her husband.She took a deep breath and turned her head to look at her husband, with an inexplicable grievance and helplessness in her eyes.

The expression of the husband seemed a little panic. He stammered: "My dear, I … I don’t know what happened. We have been married for five years after all.","

When the woman heard these words, the grievances in her heart were suddenly ignited, and tears could not help flowing."How do you plan to explain this problem? We have been married for five years, what is going on?"

The husband stared at his wife with an extremely sincere look, and whispered: "Dear, maybe this is not a perfect explanation, but I hope you can understand. Before we got married, I had participated in a very difficult battle training.I have severe menopause syndrome. Although my body has been restored after treatment, the impact may not be completely eliminated. "

After the woman listened, her eyes were blank, and she didn’t know how to accept this explanation for a while."Why don’t you tell me earlier? We are husband and wife, we should be frank with each other. I don’t care about your physical condition, I just hope that we can face reality and find solutions together."

Her husband held the woman’s hand tightly, her eyes were full of guilt."I don’t want to conceal you, I just don’t want to bother you. I was wrong, we should face this problem together. Anyway, what is important is that we already know the reason now.The method. "

The couple embraced each other silently, and each look and hug were a tacit communication.They know that although the journey may be difficult, only if they support each other and work together, can they find their happiness.

During this long treatment, the couple gradually produced a deeper understanding and trust.They learned to care about each other and listen to each other’s inner feelings.In the end, they found a solution that suits them best, successfully realized their wishes, and had their own children.

This story tells us that communication and frankness are important cornerstones of establishing a happy family between husband and wife.No matter what difficulties and setbacks are facing, as long as the husband and wife can support each other sincerely and face together, happiness will come.

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