Who said that pregnancy can’t play mobile phones?Those pit people are "taboos" here during pregnancy

Bao Ma Xiao A has been pregnant for 3 months, and resigned from work to return to his hometown to raise tires. It may be because the first child is the first child. My mother -in -law is particularly attentive to Xiao A.of.Sometimes I saw her lying there to play with my mobile phone, and I couldn’t help but say a few words: "Don’t play with your mobile phone if you are pregnant. You see the grandson behind our family because my mother is playing with her mobile phone every day when she is pregnant. Now the child is 5 years old, and now the child is 5 years old.I can’t speak yet. "A scared Xiao A didn’t touch the phone for a few days.There are indeed taboos in pregnancy, but some taboos are pitted. See which of these pit people are taboos. Which of you?

1. Can’t play mobile phones

Like the little mother -in -law, I am worried that pregnant women play mobile phones because they are afraid that mobile phone radiation will cause damage to the baby, but the surroundings of our lives are surrounded by radiation. All the electric things we can see will generate radiation.Light, small as electric blankets, ovens, microwave ovens, mobile phones, etc., because of the general use of mobile phones, people often ignore the radiation brought by other items.The radiation of mobile phones is generally within the range of the intensity of the safe electric field that the human body bear. It will not cause malformations or abortion to the baby baby, but it will affect rest and eye vision for pregnant women for long -term playing mobile phones.Pregnant mothers have enough rest time.

2. Can’t eat spicy food

Pregnancy is not sick, but a more important and special period in the life of pregnant mothers. The spicy expectant mothers do not have to entangle spicy food and affect the fetus.During pregnancy, pregnant mothers can maintain their original habits in their diet, and they can spend the entire pregnancy more comfortably.Especially for pregnant mothers with a large number of pregnancy reactions in the early pregnancy, the appetite will deteriorate. When the appetite is poor, eating some foods you like can increase appetite, and chili also contain vitamins and carotene.However, eating spicy foods often causes constipation during pregnancy, so spicy food should also be moderate. It is not possible to eat three meals a day. It is recommended that pregnant mothers drink plenty of water after eating spicy to prevent constipation.

3. Can’t leave long hair

When she was pregnant, she was pregnant because she said that her hair would grab nutrition with the fetus, and cut off her long hair for a long time, but the pot of "grabbing nutrition" was not back.The hair grows long because the hair root hidden in the skin is growing, and the hair that leaks out of the epidermis is actually a "dead" organization. It will no longer absorb the nutrients of the body, but whether the hair is short or long, the epidermis will be long.The inner hair root will maintain its own growth rules and cycles, and there will be no theory of grabbing nutrition.Of course, if the pregnant mother is washing her hair and preventing hair loss, she can cut hair shorter, which is more convenient to take care of it.

Pregnancy is very hard. Expectant mothers should learn to distinguish the authenticity of taboos, making it easier and more comfortable during pregnancy.

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