Why are more and more young women getting pregnant?Doctor: Create evil before marriage, suffer after marriage

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Have you found that there are more and more infertile women now?Before, if there was a plan to have a child after marriage, he would soon be pregnant.Some three years, even two years, even a year (one year, one year).What now?For 2 or 3 years of pregnancy, there are still many people who can’t be pregnant.

Some people say that it is a change in the sanitary environment. Because of the increasingly worse air, water resources are polluted and the influence of genetically modified food.I used to drink a handful of water in the river, and now the tap water of the faucet dares to drink at will.Yes, with the development of industrialization, a large number of chemicals will be used in daily life or in the production of enterprises.There are also some pesticide residues on fruits and vegetables, because the impact of these major environments makes it difficult for more and more young women to get pregnant.

This environmental factors do exist objectively and cannot be denied.Environmental changes can lead to changes in fertility, but this impact is slight, and can even be ignored.Auntie is a gynecologist and has seen many patients.According to her, infertility, except for some innate factors that cannot be controlled, for example, most of the diseases cause pregnancy difficulties, and most of them are artificial.Create evil before marriage, leading to suffering after marriage.

Modern people live very unhealthy, and three meals a day depend on takeaway.No, sometimes even takeaway can not be eaten on time, most of the time is hungry.To be honest, takeaway is really delicious, and it is a taste when eating is delicious.No matter what dish, it is the taste of seasoning at the end.Not only heavy oil, heavy salt and heavy sugar, but also various seasonings are also added in it like no money.Below the gastrointestinal and kidney, and the body resistance is poor.

I also like to stay up late. A young friend sent a circle of friends and said: Everyone said that staying up late is not good, so I think, so I was overnight.Seeing me dazzling, can it be like this?If you don’t sleep well, you will cause a bad mental state, endocrine disorders, and women’s menstrual disorders.If you do n’t eat well, do n’t sleep well, malnutrition, and your body is healthy.Don’t say that it’s not good to get pregnant. In the long run, he is ill.

Young people work pressure and psychological pressure.Some men were drunk in the subway, holding their wives and crying, saying that they were useless.Some women worked overtime for a month, and finally made a morning shift, and could not find the way home collapsed.Just crying, there are more people who can’t find the right place even crying, so I have to go back hard.

Now the pressure of life and work is increasing, and the mental state of a person is also in a state of health.Regardless of men and women, anxiety becomes the norm.Diversion to individuals, women’s endocrine disorders, menstrual disorders.Men’s reproductive ability decreases, reproductive dysfunction, and poor state naturally causes difficult to get pregnant.

Some groups of data show that the average age of people is now average early.Take the post -90s, for example, the first experience of life was not yet adult.I don’t know how to protect myself, and I don’t know what the "little umbrella" is.Not only did various gynecological diseases followed, but the abortion rate of underage also soared.The doctor aunt said that she had been in contact with a girl, and minors had miscarriage 3 times.She felt very distressed, but the girl was like nothing but nothing.She doesn’t know what the consequences will they bear in the future.

The awareness of self -protection is poor, and the number of abortion is difficult to get pregnant after marriage.For a moment before marriage, two lines of tears after marriage.

The above points are the root causes of more and more women who are pregnant. I remind young people that pay more attention to earlier, so as not to regret when preparing for children.

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