Why are pregnant women prone to mirror?More related to these factors, it needs attention to attract attention

Speaking of storing, I am afraid that many people don’t know what it is.However, when speaking, most people have experienced hiccups.In fact, the pneumatic point is snoring, which refers to the process of gases in the stomach from the mouth to the external air. It is a relatively common symptom of digestive tract disease.Some people always be stubborn. They always come from time to time after dinner, and they will be worried when there are more times.So, what should I do if I always have a staple?

What should I do if I always have a staple?

First of all, let’s understand the reason why it is always sturdy.When we eat too many easy -to -produce foods, these foods will produce a lot of gas during the digestion.These gases will be discharged through the mouth, and they will produce a miracle.In addition, qi usually occurs on patients with gastrointestinal dysfunction. When patients have poor digestion or have other intestinal diseases, they are also prone to miracle.

When you are often qi, you should distinguish between the right medicine. If it is caused by gastrointestinal dysfunction, you should go to a regular hospital for treatment as soon as possible.If it is caused by chronic gastritis, it is necessary to take medicine to promote the gastrointestinal movement to promote digestion.If you have symptoms of bloating at the same time, you need to take some digestive medicines.If it is caused by eating too much gas -producing food, don’t worry too much about this situation.Because after stopping eating gas -producing foods, the symptoms of mirror will stop slowly.

Of course, in addition to the treatment of drugs, people who are often stubborn should also pay more attention to diet, try to eat more digestible foods such as vegetables and fruits as possible, and eat regularly and quantitatively. Do not overeating.In addition, you can walk appropriately after meals.The appropriate amount of walking is to help gastrointestinal peristalsis and promote digestion, which will reduce the production of sorchium.

Why are pregnant women prone to qi?

During pregnancy, female body progesterone increases, gastrointestinal motility weakens, and gastric acid secretion can also be reduced, which has a great impact on digestive ability.In addition, in the middle and late pregnancy, with the expansion of the uterus, the compression of the intestines affects the intractable motility of the intestine, so it is easier for pregnant women to be staple.If you want to alleviate the ghosts during pregnancy, pregnant women should move as much as possible to promote intestinal motility and help gastrointestinal digestive food.

Guidance expert: Meng Yan, chief physician, Jinzhou Central Hospital Gastrointestinal Medicine.

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