Why are some people vomiting very serious and some people have almost no response.

Speaking of the pregnancy reactions of pregnancy, Ms. Zhu and Ms. Liu have the most right to speak. Now her babies are almost three or four months old.

Ms. Zhu and Ms. Liu are very good girlfriends. The two recalled that they were almost pregnant at the same time, but the response of the two was very different.

Ms. Zhu almost reacted, she should eat and drink, and went to get off work as usual, and there was no change during the whole pregnancy. Except for the big stomach, there was almost no fat elsewhere, and she returned to pregnancy after the confinement was born. The weight before.

Since the day of her pregnancy, Ms. Liu has begun to have severe pregnancy reactions.

Sometimes I just spit out after eating a meal. I was worried that the child lacked nutrition and started to eat again.

After eating, I vomited, and I started eating something after vomiting. After four or five months, she said that the acid water in the stomach was poured up.

Why does pregnancy reaction occur?

Why do women have a pregnancy reaction after pregnancy? This is mainly because the hormone in women after pregnancy will change. During pregnancy, the level of chorionic gonad hormone levels will rise rapidly. After this hormone is increasedAt this time, pregnant women will have anorexia, nausea, vomiting, etc. At this time, this is the pregnancy reaction.

In addition to hormones, it also has something to do with other factors, such as mental factors, physical factors of pregnant women.However, this pregnancy reaction is a normal phenomenon, and pregnant women need not worry too much.

Why are some people vomiting very seriously and some people have almost no response?

1. Different physical fitness of pregnant women

Each woman has different physical fitness, and the pregnancy reaction after pregnancy is different.Some pregnant women can be more sensitive, and their stomachs are weak, so severe pregnancy reactions will occur when they are pregnant.

Some pregnant mothers have better gastrointestinal function, and their physique is better. They are not very sick. They may be smaller after pregnancy, or they will appear late for pregnancy, and they disappear earlier.

2. Pregnant women lack vitamin B

Studies have shown that when pregnant women lack vitamin B, especially when they lack vitamin B1 and vitamin B6, they will lead to severe pregnancy reactions.

Usually, the pregnant mother who pays attention to supplement vitamin B may be much lighter in the early pregnancy.

3. Sensitive smell of pregnant women

After pregnancy, the hormone in the pregnant woman will change, but the sense of smell will also change. Some expectant mothers may not have a sensitive sense of smell, so they do not have much pregnancy.

Some expectant mothers have become particularly sensitive after pregnancy. When they smell some taste, they will have a strong response and serious pregnancy reactions.

4. Fetal development speed

The pregnancy reaction of pregnant mothers will also have a certain relationship with the degree of development of the fetus, because the hormone level in the pregnant mother can affect the development of the fetus. If the fetus develops fast, it will also promote the secretion of hormones in the body in the body, and it will be.As a result, the taste of pregnant mothers is relatively sensitive, and it will increase the reaction of pregnancy.

In addition, the placenta can also secrete a large amount of choric membrane to promote gonadotropin to inhibit the gastric acid secretion of pregnant mothers. At this time, the pregnant mother will feel like no appetite, appetite, and not wanting to eat.

5. Pregnant women are too nervous

During the pregnancy, the psychological pressure is too great, or the mental is too nervous. I always remind myself to get pregnant, or feel that it should always be vomited in the early pregnancy. This tense psychology will give yourself a lot of hints and also aggravate the early pregnancy response.

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