Why bleed during ovulation?Will it affect pregnancy?

Ovulation bleeding refers to a small amount of vaginal bleeding in the middle and periodic period of the regular menstrual cycle.The ovulation period in the middle of the two menstrual period is generally about 14 days before the next menstrual tide, which Chinese medicine is called "bleeding during menstruation."If it is not treated in time and the bleeding time is prolonged, it can further develop the cranial leakage, or the inadequate repairs after the endometrium of the factor can affect pregnancy.

1. Diagnosis of bleeding during ovulation

Generally, diagnosis can be diagnosed according to the following symptoms: the rules of menstrual cycle, the middle of the two menstruation, about 12 to 16 days of the cycle, or about 14 days before the next menstruation, the regular vaginal bleeding occurs, and the amount is less than the menstrual flow.The bleeding lasts for several hours or 2-3 days, generally not more than 7 days.Bleeding can be seen from the uterine cavity through gynecological examinations, eliminating bleeding caused by cervical lesions.Measure the basal body temperature, and bleeding during ovulation is mostly bleeding when the base temperature is low and alternately alternate.

Second, the cause of bleeding during ovulation

1. Cause of Chinese medicine: Chinese medicine believes that the occurrence of this disease is closely related to the obligation and transformation of qi, blood, yin and yang during the menstrual cycle.After the menstruation was clean, the yin and blood gradually increased, the essence of blood was full, the yin was grown to heavy, and the yin was full of yang.The period is the transformation period of Yin Sheng to Yang.If the yin and yang regulation function in the body is normal, it can adapt to such changes without special symptoms.If the kidney yin is deficient, the virtual fire moves, the virtual fire and the yang are fighting, the damage of the veins, and the unstelling can cause bleeding.Or it has a damp -heat internal container, or the liver meridian is damp and humid, and the dampness is soasting of the internal movement of the Puyang gas, damage the uterus and rushing, which can cause bleeding.Or when the stasis is left, when the box is the box, the yang is internal movement, fighting with blood stasis, damaging the blood network, and can also cause bleeding.

2. The cause of western medicine: Western medicine is not very clear about the exact cause of ovulation bleeding during ovulation. It is mostly considered that after the mature follicles are broken, the estrogen levels are sharp, short -term decrease, or uterine endometrium is too sensitive to estrogen fluctuations, or too much too much, or too much.Hard work, low immunity, low levels of estrogen, losing support of estrogen endometrium, and local endometrium surface layer layer collapse and fall off, thereby breaking a small amount of bleeding.After that, with the formation of luteum, the sufficient amount of female and progesterone secreted, and the collapsed endometrium surface layer was quickly repaired to stop bleeding.

3. Treatment of bleeding during ovulation period

1. Traditional Chinese medicine treatment: Mainly treats dialectical treatment based on the amount, color, quality, and systemic symptoms of bleeding.Those with kidney yin deficiency can be treated with nourishing kidney and nourishing yin and solidifying hematopoietic treatment; those with damp heat should be cured with clearing humidity and heat, solidifying hematopoietic;

2. Western medicine treatment: It is mainly aimed at the cause, and adopts a small amount of estrogen, progesterone or application hemostatic drugs.

Under normal circumstances, if there is occasional ovulation bleeding at a time, and the amount of bleeding is very small, it may be due to excessive labor, abnormal emotional fluctuations, and changes in the living environment.If this situation is often occurred, the amount of bleeding is large and the duration is long, the follicle development may be combined with poor follicle development and insufficient luteal function, and you need to find a doctor for treatment.

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