Why can’t more and more women pregnant with children?Most of them hurt the uterus

It is very easy for some husbands and wives to have children, and they can come. For some husbands and wives, the road to the baby is very difficult.

For women, if you want to succeed, you must have a healthy uterus, but often some women do not understand. There are many things that hurt the uterus in life.unfavorable.

What are the damage to the uterus in life?

1. Multiple abortion

With the opening of people’s sexual consciousness, prenatal sexual behavior has become very common, but before deciding to have children, they must take contraceptive measures in the same room.Otherwise, in case you are pregnant, abortion will cause women’s uterine walls to become thinner, and the damage will be difficult to make up.

And because of different personal constitutions, some women may be difficult to conceive once again, and may cause infection. For their own health, women must stick to the bottom line and refuse sexual behavior of not taking contraceptive measures.

Second, sexual life is unclean

If the husband and wife do not pay attention to hygiene in the same room or have the same room during the physiological period, bacteria may enter, which may easily cause infection, which will cause a series of gynecological diseases.

3. Do not treat gynecological diseases in time

Many women have some wrong understanding of gynecological diseases. They believe that these things are shameful and difficult to enlightenment. They are sick and delayed. They are unwilling to go to a regular hospital for examination.In fact, it is very common for women to get gynecological diseases. Do n’t taboo for medical treatment, let alone take medicine casually. It is necessary to go to a regular hospital for treatment in time to avoid worsening the disease and cause more serious damage to the body.

Fourth, smoke

Many women have the habit of smoking. Although this is a personal hobby, it cannot be denied that smoking does cause serious damage to the body.Data show that women who often smoke are more likely to have uterine cancer.When preparing for pregnancy, we need to quit smoking and refuse second -hand smoke, so as not to affect the health of the fetus in the future.

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