Why can’t pregnant women participate in the funeral?

Just three months pregnant, can I go to the funeral of my loved ones?My husband said that there are many taboos in the countryside, and there are many things in pregnant women who can’t participate. I am a little bit embarrassed.

This afternoon, I received a call from my dad and said that Grandpa died and buried the morning in the morning.

Grandpa is already in his 90s. He accidentally fell early last month and was hospitalized. After the doctor’s examination, the doctor said that it was older and older. Many organs began to fail.I can’t move, my mouth is always open, I can’t speak, I can’t eat anything, and then the hospital inserts the gastrointestinal tube and eats the food.After almost two weeks, the hospital was given up to the hospital, saying that it was so old, there was no suitable treatment plan, so that it was slowly raised at home.Dad took Grandpa back to his hometown.

In fact, we all know that Grandpa may not be able to make a long time, especially after returning home, there is no oxygen duct or no needle.Grandpa was still eating food every day.Unexpectedly, more than a month later, Grandpa left.

When I received a call in the afternoon, I was still a bit uncomfortable.Although I have not been liked by the grandfather of the male and female since I was a child, after all, I still have some feelings.

I asked about a few words that I knew that the auntie was just back to see Grandpa a few days ago. Maybe it was destined to be in the dark. When Grandpa left, his children were around.I had to go back to my hometown before, but I went to the hospital to build files in mid -July, so I was dragging. I was going to check tomorrow. I thought that there was no problem after checking. I just returned to my hometown for a while.

My husband and I told the news of Grandpa’s death, and said that he would rush back tomorrow. When the old man was buried, I would come back for inspection.The husband said directly that the appointment will check the examination tomorrow, and a pregnant woman has a lot of things that cannot be involved. When I finish it here, I will go back.

I thought about it, and then called my mother.The call is very noisy. It is estimated that many relatives and friends in the village have gone to help.I told my mother that there was a checkup that I had an appointment before, and I might have to wait for it to go back.My mother said that she couldn’t worry, let me check it out first, and then talked a few words, and the mother hung up.

In this case, I will check it first tomorrow morning.After finishing the finish, rush back.

Then I remembered the taboos of my husband said. I searched the precautions for the pregnant woman to participate in the funeral on the Internet. As a result, various answers were jumped out of various answers.

I am not superstitious.

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