Why can’t you be pregnant, maybe you are too fat

Xiaoyi, who is about to be 33 years old, is recently distressed. When the husband and wife go for pregnancy, the examinations are normal, but the doctor told her that the BMI value exceeds 30, which is obesity. It is recommended to lose weight before pregnancy.Xiaoyi asked the doctor without understanding. Can’t the fat people get pregnant?

Indeed, from a medical perspective, obesity can affect pregnancy, but it does not mean that obesity is infertility.

Obesity can affect pregnancy!

Women who are too obese are not unable to get pregnant, but compared to ordinary women, women who are too obese are not easy to get pregnant. This is because obesity will disrupt women’s endocrine balance.Estrogen can be stranded in the fat tissue in the body, not only endocrine disorders, but also estrogen metabolism in the body will also be disordered, causing menstruation to not regulate, and rare menstruation can hinder women ovulation.

At the same time, obesity can induce other diseases such as hypertension, hyperglycemia, diabetes and other diseases.Women suffering from these diseases can also make women difficult to get pregnant.However, although obese women are not easy to get pregnant, this depends on personal constitution. It does not mean that obesity means infertility.So obese women don’t need to put too much pressure on themselves.

If you decide to prepare for pregnancy, then it is best to reduce your weight to a reasonable range through scientific weight loss methods and prepare for pregnancy in the best state.For example, pay attention to the intake of fat and sugar in diet, and at the same time increase exercise exercise and increase the chance of conception.

Obesity is harmful to both pregnant women and fetuses!

In fact, obesity is not only impact on preparation, but also more harmful to pregnancy.Therefore, controlling weight is not only what you need to do during pregnancy. In the pregnancy, you must control the weight. You ca n’t think that one person eats two people to make up for it.Let’s take a look at which aspects of obesity in pregnant women and fetuses.

1. The impact of obesity of pregnant women on the pregnant mother itself

1. Pregnant women’s obesity affects fetal intelligence

Pregnant women’s weight is too obese for pregnant women will affect the fetus’s intelligence.This is because medical research has found that the child’s IQ of the obese mother is 5 points lower than other children with normal weight mothers, and babies with obese pregnant mothers are more likely to have polymotidiated babies.

2. Pregnant women are prone to fetal fetus

This is because if the pregnant woman is too obese, it will cause the pelvic accumulation of excessive fat in the pregnant woman’s body. This physical condition will increase the difficulty when the pregnant woman will get childbirth. It will easily cause difficulty in giving birth.It is easy to bleed postpartum.

3. Excessive fetal fetus

Pregnant mothers who are obese are prone to giving birth to a huge child. This is because obese pregnant women are people who love to eat before pregnancy. During pregnancy, they will be more unknown in their diet.High blood sugar and blood lipids.The fetus has been in the state of high blood sugar in the palace for a long time. In addition, the insulin of the mother cannot pass the placenta, resulting in an increase in fetal insulin secretion, so it is easy to produce huge children.

2. The impact of obesity of pregnant women on the pregnant mother itself

1. It is easy to bleed after giving birth

Pregnant women’s weight is too obese and it is easy to conduct postpartum bleeding. This is because obesity is likely to occur in the case that the pelvis is not called extension of the output process. If the fetus is relatively large, the fetus will cause the uterine muscle fiber to excessively stretch.Essence

2. Easy to produce cesarean section

Although obesity is not a testimony of a cesarean section, if the fetus is too large, it is prone to childbirth difficulties, or even difficulty in giving birth, the doctor may recommend that a pregnant woman cesarean is produced, but it will not be produced.It was very suffering.At the same time, the cesarean section is also dangerous, and the probability of bleeding after production will be relatively high.

3. Increase the risk of pregnancy complications

Pregnant women’s weight is too obese, and it is easy to induce pregnancy hypertension and gestational diabetes. It also increases the chance of suffering from gestational poison. These diseases have a great impact on fetal development.

Many people say that it is difficult to lose weight. Indeed, it is easy to say that it is to control your mouth and open your legs, but it is really difficult to lose weight and it is easy to rebound.If the effect of weight loss has always been unsatisfactory, the best way is to seek advice from professionals.Do not try to try the Internet celebrity weight loss by yourself. The diet weight loss method may not lose weight and it will be harmful to the body.In addition, it is not recommended to lose weight during pregnancy, but it is necessary to have a reasonable diet and control the increase in weight.

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