Why can’t you conceive your child with vaginitis?These 5 methods can be effectively prevented!

Xiao A is preparing for the transplantation stage. When it is done, it is broken.You can only send the hope that the doctor in charge can "highly lift your expensive hand" first to the transplant. However, the doctor can disagree, and the request must be treated first.

If you want to hurry up with time transplantation, "vaginitis" is repeatedly disturbed. It is too annoying. For this guy, the transplant "front" of Xiao A is getting longer and longer.Xiao A is very depressed. Why can’t the doctor port me?

So why can’t you transplant it?

"Vaginitis" is not terrible, and correct understanding is important!

You know, there are more than ten kinds of bacteria in the micro -ecological environment in normal vagina. When micro -ecological imbalances, the reduced resistance to pathogenic bacteria and microorganisms can easily lead to "vaginitis".horrible.

However, vaginitis must be cured before pregnancy, otherwise it will cause trouble for expectant mothers and fetuses after pregnancy.

With "vaginitis", if it is not treated in time, it will easily cause the fetus to be infected after pregnancy.

Studies have stated that those with severe bacterial vaginal disease during pregnancy may even lead to abortion, premature fetal membrane, premature birth, and intrauterine infection.

In addition, severe vaginal inflammation often causes infertility.Because a large amount of white blood cells and foam leucorrhea have changed the movement of sperm, it cannot be successfully combined with fallopian tubes and eggs.

Therefore, it is recommended to perform vaginal secretions and related pathogenic examinations before pregnancy, and deal with it before pregnancy, and wait for the baby to be born with peace of mind.

How to correctly prevent "vaginitis"

Prevention is easier than treatment!

01. Control blood glucose

When the blood glucose is not well controlled, the normal parasitic fake silk yeast is easy to reproduce in large quantities, and it is easy to suffer from refractory mold vaginitis.Conventional anti -mold drugs can be effectively played after blood glucose control.

02. Avoid abuse of antibiotics

There are diverse types of antibiotics, and treatment requires "right medicine".If there is a problem with the body, you should use antibiotics and anti -inflammatory drugs without distinction. The abuse of drugs and wrong medicines can easily lead to "the enemy and me do not distinguish", causing the vaginal flora to imbalance and induce the disease.

03. Improve bad habits

Do not wear tight jeans, avoid sedentary, etc.Under bad living habits, the perineal ministerial is humid and sullen for a long time, which is very convenient for fake silk yeast to grow, thereby inducing "vaginitis".

04. Hygiene in private parts is particular

Underwear needs ventilation.Meiyu weather underwear cannot be ventilated, and it is easy to induce moldy vaginitis. The sky is gradually getting hot, and the humidity has come up. It must ensure ventilation.

Although the fungal infection on the feet is not the same as the pathogenic bacteria of vaginitis, shoe, socks and underwear must be cleaned separately!

In addition, if there is no inflammation, women can rinse the vulva with flowing water daily, and there is no need to abuse the "private cleaning solution".

05. Enhance immunity

The disease is mainly due to the decline in immunity. In addition, there are a small part of it indirectly transmitted through sexual intercourse or infected clothing. Therefore, there is no need to be a sexually transmitted disease, such as the enemy, or repeatedly questioning your health habits, resulting in excessive anxiety.

Although "vaginitis" is not terrible, repeated infections not only affect the "preparing for pregnancy", but also bring a lot of inconvenience to daily life.

Do a good job of prevention. If you really accidentally cause this guy, you must seek medical treatment in time, follow the doctor’s advice, do not taboo and do medical, and take your own proposition to take medicine at will.

Transfer from: Division of Reproductive Medicine, Second College

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