Why did the Empress Dowager Cixi dismiss her only sister many times?Pu Yi became emperor on December 2, 1908

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Why did the Empress Dowager Cixi dismiss her only sister many times?December 2, 1908: The two -year -old Pu Yi ascended the throne after the death of the Empress Dowager Cixi, and became the emperor of the Qing Dynasty, and his father Zai was served as the supervisor’s regent.

Someone is strange, why did the Empress Dowager Cixi choose Zaiyu’s son Pu Yi as the emperor?

It is very simple. Cixi and the prince of the alcoholism of Zaiyu have unusual relatives.

Zaiyu’s father is Prince Yixi.

Yi Yan was the son of Emperor Daoguang, the brother of Emperor Xianfeng, and he married the only sister of Empress Dowager Cixi.

Therefore, the son of Guangxu, the son of Empress Dowager Cixi, also became the emperor.

After Guangxu’s death, his brother Zai’s son, Pu Yi, became the emperor.

In fact, Pu Yi has no blood relationship with Cixi.

His grandmother was not Wanzhen, his father was Zai, and his mother was the daughter of Rong Lu, Su Wuli Gwaulja, Yuli.

From this point of view, Cixi has a relative and sister Wan Zhen, and later she also asked Wan Zhen’s son to be the emperor.

So, what is the relationship between Cixi and my sister?

Quite poor.

Before Cixi got married, the relationship with her sister was not good.

Cixi’s life life can be said to be very bad.

She was selected into the palace at the age of 17 and her husband died within a few years.

From Cixi to the palace to Xianfeng, it was only 7 years before and after.Two years after entering the palace, Cixi was named after entering the palace.It can be seen that the 19 -year -old Cixi was favored, and two years later, the only son of the emperor was Tongzhi.

After the freshness passed, Xianfeng was in love with each other, and began to love others.It is said that the two rarely have the same room since then. In addition to letting Cixi occasionally deal with some memorials, the husband and wife did not meet.

Cixi’s close time with her husband in her life is only two or three years.

Cixi’s son was in Tongzhi, and he was afraid of his mother since he was a child.

Even so, the Emperor Tongzhi died of illness at the age of 19.

When the Emperor Tongzhi got married, the Empress Dowager Ci’an recommended Aruto, and the Empress Dowager Cixi recommended Fucha.

The Empress Dowager Ci’an was the Empress Dowager of the Palace. Cixi has a low status and can only agree to establish Arut as the queen.

However, Cixi told his son in private that he should not be the real husband and wife with Arut, waiting for the opportunity to abolish her in the future, and renamed Fucha as the queen.

Unexpectedly, Tongzhi was very disgusted towards Fucha, who resembled his mother Cixi.Fucha’s is beautiful, but her heart is narrow, the city is deep, and the desire to have certain rights.On the contrary, the Mongolian -born Arut’s appearance is not very good. It is open -minded, refreshing, gentle, and easier to get along.

The Emperor Tongzhi unknowingly fell in love with Arut, and the two were very close.The young couple are young couples. They are 19 years old and are only 17 years old in Tongzhi. They are the age of fun and lust.After the marriage, the two were really like paint, and they could not be separated for a moment.The move greatly angered the Empress Dowager Cixi, and repeatedly shouted his son to scold.

Tongzhi was afraid of his mother since he was a child. He had been scolded many times when he was childhood.After being scolded by his mother these times, Tongzhi no longer dared to closely contact his wife Arut, and even did not dare to contact other concubines.As for Fucha’s, Tongzhi was in contact with her, and thought that this woman might be a spy sent by her mother.Where is there any love, he is far away to Fucha’s.

The women in the palace can’t touch, and Tongzhi is a young man with a strong sexual desire for sex, and went to the palace to steal the fishy.

There are many noble officials who are in the first -class brothels in the eight marks, and Tongzhi dare not go.So he went to Beijing with a very low -level kiln.The prostitutes in the kiln received dozens of guests a day, and many of them have sexually transmitted diseases.As a result, Tongzhi was also infected with syphilis.At that time, syphilis was a disease, and Tongzhi gave his life.

It can be said that Cixi killed his son in disguise, and then moved to the queen Alut.

Just a few months after Tongzhi died, Arutic died of illness, only 22 years old.

One said that Arut was repeatedly scolded and persecuted by Cixi, and it was unable to bear the humiliation.

Cixi was originally a very fierce person. He still has such an attitude towards his son and daughter -in -law, let alone others.

Even if she lived in the palace, her husband died early, and her son had no feelings for her, and Cixi was relatively satisfied.

She kept at least a high position in the palace and had the main power of Manqing.

Before getting married, Cixi was even more aggrieved at home.

In his later years, Cixi had complained to Li Lianying’s parents, thinking that they were eccentric and bad for themselves.

Cixi has three younger brothers, all of which are incompetent, and there is no status in history.Her only sister Yehenala Wanzhen is very different from Cixi. In addition, she is a young girl, and she has been very favored since she was a child.

On the contrary, Cixi has a stubborn personality and has no feelings for her loved ones. Her parents don’t like her.

Women’s jealousy is very strong. When Cixi was at home, she was jealous of her sister, and she also had some resentment.

Cixi became the queen queen, and she did not make her sister very comfortable.

At the beginning, Emperor Xianfeng was seriously ill and was still in the world.Cixi is just a concubine, and there is no powerful mother -in -law to rely on, and the forces are thin.Emperor Xianfeng liked the 19 -year -old brother, Prince Yizheng, and appointed him to be the capital of Zhenghuang Banner Han Army. It is an important person to master the military power of Jingshi Weiwei.

In order to win Yi Yi, Cixi married his sister Wanzhen to him.

When the two got married, Yizhen was 19 years old and Wanzhen was 18 years old.Interestingly, although this is a political marriage, the relationship between the two after marriage is not bad.

Two years after Yi Yi married Wanzhen, Cixi launched the Xinyi coup and seized the Manchu power

As a result, Yizheng began to be shocked.In Xin Yan’s coup, Yi Yan made great achievements, but was frightened that Cixi’s poisonous and cruel was fierce.

Looking at Su Shun before being beheaded, he first cut off his tongue and smashed his knee bone, and knew that Cixi’s end was caught.

No matter what Wan Zhen himself is, after all, he is Cixi’s sister, where can Yi Yi dare to offend at all, and can only be provided.

Fortunately, Wanzhen is very different from her sister. Although her personality is solidly dead, she is not public, and she is low -key. She is considerate to her husband and has a harmonious family life.

Unfortunately, Wan Zhen’s luck is not good.

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