Why did the pregnancy test paper test the double bars, but the doctor said that I was a pseudo -pregnancy

Introduction: Xiaohua suddenly made his appetite suddenly worse during this time. When he smelled the smell of oil, he would nausea and vomit.The menstruation was also postponed for half a month. The early pregnancy test paper also measured the double bars. The mother -in -law saw this situation and was glad that she was pregnant, but she went to the hospital for examination yesterday, but the doctor informed that she was not pregnant at all.It is a false pregnancy.Everyone is happy.What is false pregnancy?

Analysis: Obstetricians said that many similar flower cases have taken over, and menstruation has not come, and even with nausea and vomiting. Many pregnant women encounter such a situation.After going to the hospital for examination, I found that there was no pregnancy at all.Under normal circumstances, the test strip of the test is weak and positive, which may be pregnant.But early pregnancy test strips are just a preliminary screening method.If you do n’t come back after menstruation, it is recommended that you go to the hospital to take a blood test HCG.

What is pseudo -pregnancy?

Pseudo -pregnancy is not a real pregnancy. It means that women have some physiological symptoms similar to pregnancy in the situation of not pregnancy, such as stopping menstruation, nausea, vomiting, trapped, lower abdomen, and so on.The situation occurs, but the fact is not really pregnant, and no pregnancy in the uterus or outside the uterus is not seen under ultrasound.Blood HCG testing can not be tested, so it is called fake positive, that is, fake pregnancy.

What causes pseudo -pregnancy?

The cause of pseudo -pregnancy is the most important reason for psychological factors.Especially women who have been preparing for a long time, because they are very eager to get pregnant, but have ended in failure, and their inner pressure is particularly strong, so there are some symptoms of pregnancy -like in their body.Physiological changes.Usually this type of pseudo -pregnancy, the choricular gonadotropin in the body does not rise.

Many women want to be pregnant very much. They hope that their children are eager and too anxious, but they have not succeeded for a long time, and they continue to instill themselves awareness of pregnancy.Over time, it will cause tremendous psychological pressure. Women have emotional changes such as anxiety, which may cause the endocrine system of women to be disordered, but affect the hormonal regulation and cause menopause.These pressures can cause physiological changes in women.

Women’s menstruation occasionally delaying three to seven days is normal. If menstruation is still not here for more than seven days, you can use early pregnancy test strips to check whether you are pregnant.If there is no pregnancy, if you can’t measure your pregnancy and have not been menstruation, consider that it may be irregular menstruation caused by endocrine disorders

Some pseudo -pregnancy women have eaten too much nutrients in the early stage, causing the abdomen to bulge, and the abdomen is constantly protruding in a short period of time and is mistaken for pregnancy.Some of the uterine fibroids still have obvious abdominal bulging phenomena.Strictly speaking, when the appetite becomes poor and the abdomen bulges, these symptoms cannot be used as a basis for the diagnosis of female pregnancy. If you want to get accurate results, you must go to a regular hospital for examination when you have symptoms of pregnancy to distinguish it.Not really pregnant.

Reminder: In addition to healthy conditioning, expectant mothers who prepare for pregnancy are also important.Do not worry about it. To maintain a good mood and stable mentality, otherwise it will be changed by the level of hormone levels in the body.Rarely appear.If you suspect that there is a pseudo -pregnancy, you can go to the hospital to check the early pregnancy test strip or blood HCG, or take a B -ultrasound. If you find the pregnancy sac, it will be pregnant, which will be more accurate.

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