Why do Chinese women have to confine after giving birth, and foreign women do not use it?The doctor gives the answer

When it comes to having children, most people think it is the responsibility of a woman. After all, every family has to be passed on to be over. Which pair of parents do not want their children and grandchildren.As a woman, this life will indeed take the child as the top priority of life.I have to say that women are really great. Although having children cannot get a sense of accomplishment, they have a full sense of self -presence.

Because as long as the child is born, it is not as easy as being single, and it is dependent on the child every hour or even every minute.This is why many women think that after giving birth, it indicates that there is no freedom.Not to mention freedom, even the physical condition cannot be self -control, and even to make the body worse and worse for having a child. Not only is it because there is no rest, there is one thing that may not be noticed, that is, "confinement."

Zhang Nana has recently been a mother and gave birth to a fat grandson, still mixed, so cute!Because her husband is French, he has followed her parents in China since she was a child.Zhang Nana and her husband worked in the same company. After the husband proposed, she was pregnant unexpectedly. Later, after she decided to give birth to the child, the young couple replenished the wedding.Now Zhang Nana, who is only 28 years old, does not seem to be a mother at all. This may be a young capital. The young baby is recovering quickly.

There is a confinement after giving birth to a child in my country, but there is no custom in foreign countries. Therefore, Zhang Nana and foreign mother -in -law have a little disagreement.After the baby was born, Zhang Nana’s mother would take ginger water to take a bath for her, and she could not drink cold. When she turned on the air conditioner at night, she had to wear a hood to sleep to avoid entering the wind.From the perspective of Zhang Nana’s foreign mother -in -law, these things are ingenious.

Because in their country, there are ice cream in the catering after giving birth!"You are so delicate!" Every day, Zhang Nana’s foreign mother -in -law will say this.Sometimes, Zhang Nana is still angry. How can this be confusing? This is how we confinement. If the confinement is not good, it will still fall into a bunch of confinement diseases.

Fortunately, her mother -in -law can come to take care of it, otherwise let foreign mother -in -law take care of it. It may be really fainted, and she does not know how to take care. Not to mention confinement, maybe even postpartum depression will be stunned.Because Zhang Nana’s husband does not understand these things, he can only take care of through experienced older generations.On one occasion, Zhang Nana felt that the water was not hot enough while taking a bath, and she quarreled with foreign mother -in -law for this matter.

But as soon as the temperature of the foreign mother -in -law touched the temperature, it was not cold at all. "This is so hot, you don’t think you don’t hot!" But Zhang Nana felt that it would not be hot.It’s better not to wash it.There are many such little things that make Chang Nana feel helpless. It may be a difference in culture. As long as he has any opinions during confinement, he will be said by foreign mother -in -law.

Later, even she felt that it was a disaster that was affectionate. Fortunately, there were girlfriends accompanied the chat, otherwise the mood was very depressed. After all, many things did not know how to explain to foreign mother -in -law, and explained to her that she didn’t understand.Plus she will not support it.However, in fact, we can’t blame Zhang Nana’s foreign mother -in -law. After all, there is no confinement in foreign countries, and even their doctors will encourage pregnant women to move early after childbirth.

And the customs there are different customs. You see, after giving birth to a child, foreigners still see those who go to exercise immediately. There are a lot of cold dishes on Baoma’s meal, and there are ice cream.Different diet habits.In fact, there are also puzzle recovery periods in foreign countries, but they are not called confinement, and they are not as taboos as taboos as confinement in our country. They are more casual and scientific.

For women in our country, confinement is a very traditional postpartum recovery model. Foreigners do not take confinement, and they will carry out the recovery of puerperium in a more scientific way.In fact, the difference between Chinese and foreign countries is mainly because the living habits and methods of the country are different.

Foreigners must ventilate the house after giving birth, so that the air will accelerate the circulation, which can let fresh air come in to breathe the maternal, which is also a good thing for the body.But in the traditional concept of our country, the mother cannot be cold, cannot blow off, and cannot be cold.Especially in the previous era, if the birth of a baby in summer is better, it is a baby in winter, and the mother must be wrapped tightly.

You can’t meet a bit of wind, otherwise you will catch a cold, or even transmit the germs to the child.In the past, it was too poor. The woman was working soon after giving birth to a baby. How can I get sick? Otherwise, I will lose a labor force.In fact, after giving birth to a child, the maternal cannot be too hard at all, and it is not to say that it cannot be blowing. As long as the warm work is kept, the air circulation will restore the body faster.

In addition, the way of bathing in my country was sitting in the barrel. If there was no child, there was no problem. If it was a maternal maternal bathing in the barrel, it would not only breed bacteria, but also made the mother uncomfortable. The wound can not be recovered casually. It still needs a recovery period. If it is curled up in the barrel for a long time, it is likely to cause the uterine sagging.

Foreigners use shower to take a bath, so that the body can be cleaned down, and it will not be washed in the same barrel like a bath in the barrel.Many times, it is not that foreigners do not take confinement, but because they will use scientific ways to understand how to be good for women, not blindly follow the trend, thinking that confinement cannot do what, and nothing can be done.

For women in my country, confinement is not only tradition, but also a belief.I believe that if confinement can be taken well during the confinement, then the body will not have problems in the future, and even believe that the confinement will sit well, and the previous physical problems will be cured.Confinement is just a tradition of our country. For foreigners, it is not a medical need. Confinement often believes in the prescription. In fact, it should be more scientific to avoid harm to the body.Then whether confinement is better or not confinement, it depends on personal needs, as long as it is good for your body.1. Can’t eat raw cold food

In foreign "confinement meals", you are likely to see ice cream. In fact, don’t be surprised, because this is also their tradition.But in the concept of our country, after giving birth, the most important thing is to taboo cold. First of all, you ca n’t touch cold water. Even if you brush your teeth with cold water, you can only use warm water.Because after giving birth, women’s blood and blood will consume a lot.

At this time, the body is weak. If you eat cold food, you will bring the cold into the body. It will be difficult to discharge in the future.Not only will it affect the body, it may lead to cold palace cold, cold hands and feet, but also often catch a cold and fever. Anyway, the body will not be as good as before, so during the confinement, try not to touch the cold.

2. Remember that the husband and wife can not be in the same room

In fact, this is very important, because the child’s body has not recovered after giving birth to a child. During the confinement, you have to breastfeed your child.Take good care of your wife.Moreover, if the husband and wife live, it is likely to get pregnant unexpectedly, which is too close to the child’s childbirth time, which is a great harm for his wife.

After all, the body of this child has not recovered, so he has to give birth to a baby again. I really dare not imagine.As a husband, you should know how to distressed his wife, and you should not hurt your wife because of his own selfish desire.It is not easy for women to have children, and they need to experience the pain of grade 10.So be sure to love your wife more!After all, the wife paid so much for having a child, not only the pain in the ten levels, but also the freedom and responsibility of the lifetime.3. Try to lie down and don’t stand

The most suitable way during the confinement is Ge You lying, but it is not lazy, but this way to recover the uterus.Some people may say that there are so arrogant older generations in the past. It didn’t take long to go to the field after giving birth, and they were not a problem at all.In fact, gynecological diseases are invisible. If you do n’t have an attack, you feel that you have always been healthy. Just like some foreign women, they run immediately after giving birth.You should take a good rest.

Moreover, for breastfeeding women, adequate sleep rest is too important, otherwise there may be a situation of returning milk.During the confinement, you should lie down well and stand without less. This can help the uterus recovery. Of course, it is not to lie to lying for a long time. When you have time, it is allowed to move a little.4. Keep an optimistic and positive mood

After women have children, the body’s hormones will change to a certain extent, resulting in their mood may be one after another.Sometimes I feel very sad, because the body changes, the pain of the wound, and the transformation of the identity, from a little girl to a mother instantly to a mother, is undoubtedly a challenge for women.In addition, when confinement, it is likely to experience the pain of opening milk, which will make your mood very lost.

When confinement, the family not only spends hard work on diet, but also cares about postpartum mood after gynecology, so as not to know postpartum depression.As a novice Bao Ma, in fact, there are problems that you can’t handle it.You can’t give yourself too much pressure. Try to treat yourself as much as possible and think about things that are happy. If you feel that your mood is wrong, you must talk to friends in time. Don’t hold it yourself.It is important, this is also convenient for breast milk to better secrete.

Confinement is a traditional culture of our country. In fact, the purpose is to allow Baoma to restore the body better after giving birth. Of course, the confinement is not as amazing.What was inherited from ancient times to the present.Foreigners did not say that confinement, but their follow -up care during puerperium is also very rigorous, just say that it will be more scientific than confinement.Whether you decide to take confinement or not confinement, you should pay more attention to your body after giving birth, so as not to restore your vitality and get sick.

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