Why do more and more women are unwilling to have children?

my country’s fertility rate has declined, and more and more women are unwilling to get married and do not want to have children. Why?There are several main reasons.

In the new era, there are many new things that young people have come into contact with, and their thoughts are relatively avant -garde. They are not as conservative as before. They no longer blindly follow some traditional concepts, but dare to pursue the life they want, pursue what they likelifestyle.

Marriage and birth baby are no longer the way to live in life. Even if you do n’t get married for a lifetime, you do n’t have any impact on life. The concept of young people has changed a lot.Essence

In the era of feminism, the status of women has gradually improved. In terms of work, women can also do well. They can also make money by their own abilities.It ’s not so big, men are optional, and no man can still make life more moisturizing.

Moreover, many women advocate freedom and want to be unmarried. They believe that in this great world, they should pursue personal development and pursue greater ideals, rather than getting married and having children.

In the new era, it is no longer like traditional thinking. As long as the other party is good, the economic conditions are okay, and the age is appropriate.

Nowadays, many young men and women have a relatively much request for the other half. For example, the three views are consistent, the appearance is available, there are rooms or cars, whether the education degree is equivalent to themselves, and so on.

Men and women pay more attention to the communication between the two. Whether the psychological psychology can fit and whether it can be talked together. It pays more attention to the inner feelings and happiness, so as long as two people are happy together, there is no child to have children.It doesn’t matter.

It is undeniable that with the development of the times, people’s living standards are getting higher and higher, and some women will be more material. For example, there must be a house and a car, or there are academic qualifications, and the gifts should not be too small.

The most important thing is to have a house. If the house has a big problem, it is really unlikely to buy a house as a young man who wants to buy a house.I don’t want to bear the mortgage with it

This limits the desire to get married by young men, and the cost of marriage is too high. Many young people expressed that they could not get married.

In this intense employment environment, the workplace is not so friendly. For some women in the workplace, if they are married, they will be discriminated against and prejudiced by leaders. Some companies will even persuade them to leave.

This kind of workplace environment causes some trouble to unmarried ladies. Even if you get married, you dare not ask for children so quickly, and worry about work. After all, contemporary women can have a job, and her personality is more independent. Many unmarried women sayThe cost of making money first, and the cost of raising children is also very high. If there is no money, it is really not a good thing for children.

For the workplace environment that will be disliked after pregnancy, our country does need to be rectified. Although it has also issued relevant policies to protect pregnant women, some small companies will still not implement them in accordance with the rules.By the real protection, the desire of the married woman will have the desire to give birth.


With the rapid development of the new era, people’s thoughts have changed, and more and more people are unwilling to have children. To this end, we don’t have to flood. This is the phenomenon brought about by the rapid development of the times. After all, everyone treats the future life.It is impossible to marry and have a baby step by step, and everyone has the right to pursue their own happy life.

However, if you want to increase the desire to give birth to children, the country should also provide a better fertility environment for pregnant women. In terms of house prices, some relevant policies should also be introduced to limit high housing prices, high -color gifts, so that ordinary people can buy as much as possible.To ensure basic life, ordinary young couples will gradually increase.

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