Why do people say that pregnant women eat durian?

Not long ago, there was a popular topic on Weibo that I had rejected the food I received now. The food I thought of the first time was The King of Fruits -durian.

To be honest, I did not refuse durian because I couldn’t afford to eat it (it was really! Crying), but the flavor and soft meat feeling reminiscent of the stool, but one day I held the "eat" eat "eat, eat, eat"Shi "’s mentality licked, this bite!Now more than "accepting", until "obsessed".

Why do people say that pregnant women eat durian?

I once doubted that the pregnant mother who asked about this question was a "excuse" for eating durian.Durian, as the "king of fruits", is rich in nutrients, can be eaten by pregnant women.The old saying "a three chickens of durian" shows its nutritional value, and Chinese medicine says that durian has the effects of nourishing yin and aphrodisiac and warm -up.Regarding benefits, I won’t go into details here.

Although durian is good, don’t be greedy!

Everything talks about "degrees". Although durians are so good, they can’t eat too much. "Excessive" is often counterproductive.

1. Durian’s nutritional content is high, and the calories are very high. Eat too much, fat!EssenceThis will increase risk of gestational diabetes, hypertension or huge children during pregnancy.Don’t eat too much at a time, don’t forget to exercise after eating!

2. Although durian contains dietary fiber, the flesh is sticky, and it is prone to constipation in absorbing water in the intestine.Therefore, the pregnant mother must drink plenty of water after eating durian.If constipation is serious or hemorrhoids, you should eat less or not.

3. Based on the "Chinese Food Journal -Edible Durian Taboo" suggestion: Durian is rich in potassium, and it is recommended to eat less for pregnant mothers with kidney disease or heart disease.Those who have a cold, cough, and asthma should not be taken.

Immediately after the durian listing season, have you watched the photos of durian swallowing?Pregnant mothers can use this article to persuade her husband to buy a durian to solve the solution, hahaha!

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