Why do pregnant women swell in gums?How should pregnant women swelling and pain should be conditioned?Pregnant women need to understand

1. gingivitis during pregnancy

This is because pregnancy will increase the level of estrogen. The family of pregnant women can relieve gum swelling caused by gingivitis by buying mouthwash or rinsing mouthwash for pregnant women.

2. Fire

Under normal circumstances, pregnant women rest on time, regular life, and avoid staying up late, and the phenomenon of gum swelling and pain will be eliminated within a few days.

3. Acute pulpitis

For pregnant women, for the sake of children’s health, they cannot take medicine, but if they suffer from acute pulpitis and cause pain to be unbearable, they can take some Chinese medicine under the guidance of professionals to relieve gum pain.

4. Tooth decay

If the pregnant woman suffers from causing tooth decay and causes the gums to swell, she can put a grain of pepper to bite into her mouth, so that the pain can quickly relieve the pain.

How should pregnant women swelling and pain should be conditioned?

1. Reasonably adjust the diet

The cause of the gums of pregnant women is caused by excessive internal heat, so at this time, pregnant women should eat less greasy food, eat more fruits and vegetables every day, and eat it reasonably.Food is easy to cause fire. In addition, pay attention to cleaning your teeth after meals and rinse your mouth in time.

2. Rinse with fresh saline

Whenever you finish meals, you have to do a lot of mouth, drink a small mouthful of salt water, and contain five minutes in your mouth, which can effectively alleviate the feeling of gum expansion and pain. Salt soy milk has the effect of cooling and defeating fire.We can drink more.

3. Portable hydrogen peroxide sterilization and disinfection

The gum swelling and pain of pregnant women often cause the gum inflammation. If there is pus on the gums at this time, you can choose a hydrogen peroxide mouthwash (the proportion of hydrogen peroxide to saline is 1:99), which can effectively reduce the stimuli of the gums, disinfect it, keep the oral cavityclean.

4. Appropriate drug treatment

When you are pregnant, try not to use the medicine, but if the condition is serious, under the guidance of a professional doctor, pregnant women need to take some drugs to avoid affecting the health of life and fetus.

If the mothers of pregnant women feel uncomfortable, if the symptoms are not serious, it is not recommended to treat drugs. You can use raw salt water to alleviate the symptoms of gum swelling and pain.Under the guidance, drug treatment can not be used by yourself, so as not to affect the baby’s health.

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