Why do some pregnant women eat fetal movement when they eat?


Guide: Fetal movement should be said to be the most surprising moment during pregnancy. When the fetal movement, we can clearly perceive the state of life of the fetus.In the middle and late pregnancy, fetal movements have also become what pregnant mothers must do every day.

We will find that the time and habits of different fetal movements are different. Some pregnant women are relatively quiet at other times, but when they eat, the little guys in the belly will also be very active.Look.So why do some pregnant women eat fetal movement as soon as they eat?

Regarding the condition of fetal movement, as long as it is not a sign of abnormal fetal movement, this is all okay. Pregnant mothers do not have to be too nervous about this, and there will be fetal movements when eating. The editor believes that the following two reasons are mainly:

1. The blood circulation caused by food digestion accelerates, stimulating to the baby

With the intake of food, the blood sugar of the mother’s body will gradually rise, the blood circulation will accelerate, and the state in the whole body will be very active.Active.

2. The movement of the mother’s eating attracted the attention of the fetus

The fetus is in the mother’s belly. The sound of some movements of the mother in the outside world will be passed directly to the baby. For example, when the mother speaks and eats, the quiet fetus is easily affected by these movements.For babies, the sound of chewing and swallowing of the mother may be their active sound frequency, so there will be fetal movement.

Different babies have different time of active fetal movement, but the main time in the main time when the baby’s fetal movement is more active is the following:

a. When I get up in the morning

After a night of sleep rest, the baby woke up after the mother woke up, and the baby at this time was very good.After hearing the mothers who have been quiet for a night, the baby will also actively actively actively and do a "good morning interaction" with the mother!

b. Before going to bed at night

Some babies will be very active before going to bed at night, and their mental state is also very good, because at this time, the mother’s state is very easy, and the baby will be affected by the emotion of the mother.In addition, the environment at night is relatively quiet, and the mother can feel the baby’s fetal movement more clearly.

c. After eating

After the pregnant mothers eat, the level of blood sugar will increase a lot. The baby also obtains full energy through the blood circulation, and is in a state of "eating and drinking".When the baby has the strength, it will naturally become active. After the mother’s blood sugar comes down, the baby will return to a calm state.

d. When parents interact

If the parents interact with their babies or do prenatal education, the baby is attracted by the voices of external parents, and will also start to be active.Babies will try to respond to their parents’ interaction through fetal movements and pass their emotions and feelings.

And we often say that observing the baby’s fetal movement is mainly to see its "laws and irregularities". So what exactly does this so -called "law" refer to?Pregnant mothers can use the following two points for reference:

First, whether the activity time point is regular: each baby will have their own daily routine habits, so the time point of their fetal movement will also show a certain regular pattern.For example, at a few fixed time points in the day, the baby will be more active. This is a state of law. If it is outside the fixed time point, it may be abnormal.

Second, whether the number of activities is regular: The number of fetal movements of the baby one day will basically be maintained at a stable level. Normal tire movement will be between 3 to 5 times per hour, and it will not be less than 10 times every two hours.If the number of fetal movements of the baby suddenly decreases or increases, it means that there is a problem of abnormal fetal movement.

Important tips: When the mother eats, the baby is affected by the rise of blood sugar and the mothers’ eating and static, which will become active, and the fetal movement will be more obvious.During the day, my mother got up in the morning, before going to bed at night, after eating, and the interaction of the parents, the fetal movement would be more active. Regarding the baby’s fetal movement, we need to pay attention to whether the time point and number of times are regular.

Topic today: When you are pregnant, what interactive prenatal education will you do with your baby?Welcome to leave a message for discussion.

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