Why do some pregnant women vomit doubt life?How to relieve it?Those things about pregnancy and vomiting are thorough

I remember that when I was pregnant, I felt that the whole person was particularly uncomfortable. I was hard to settle down, and I vomited what to eat. Sometimes I vomited to doubt life. Except for sleeping, I could get better when I was sleeping.

In order to alleviate the uncomfortable reaction of pregnancy, I checked a lot of information on the Internet. When I was shopping for the forum, I found that many pregnant mothers on it had the same trouble as me.People who are sympathetic to the disease.

And on the related forum, I also learned that the emergence of pregnancy vomiting is universal.

Related research data show that more than 50%of expectant mothers will have pregnancy, but the severity of pregnancy will be different.

In other words, most pregnant mothers will cause this phenomenon, and most of the causes of it are related to the following reasons:

Reason one: Pregnant mothers are not adapted to physical changes

After pregnancy, the body structure and hormone secretion of pregnant mothers are very different from before pregnancy. It is difficult for the pregnant mother to adapt to such changes for a while, and vomiting may occur.In other words, pregnancy vomiting is a transitional reaction of a pregnant mother after pregnancy.

Reason 2: The reaction of the psychological pressure of pregnant mothers causes great psychological pressure

After many people are pregnant, some changes will occur in the psychological environment. For example, some people will have psychological burdens, worry about the fetal length, worry about fetal deformity, etc., or too anxious, for exampleFemale, eager to give birth and so on.

Of course, in addition to these, there are many problems during pregnancy, which may make the pregnant mother’s psychological environment unable to calm down, and such a psychological state may make the pregnant mother feel disgusting and vomiting.

Reason three: a protective response to the fetus for the fetus

Because the location of the stomach and the fetus is close, if the pregnant mother eats, the food will cause the gastrointestinal expansion and squeeze it to the fetus. Therefore, some people believe that the reason why the pregnant mother vomits during pregnancy is because the pregnant mother’s body produces one body.The protective response to the fetus reducing the volume of the gastrointestinal and intestines in the manner of pregnancy, thereby leaving a more comfortable development space for the fetus.

Some pregnant mothers are very serious, and they have affected the life and work of pregnant mothers. At this time, it is important to find a way to relieve pregnancy.So, how to improve pregnancy vomiting?

▶ Eat less meals and eat light diet

First of all, we need to correct a wrong understanding. Many people think that as long as they do not eat, they will not vomit. In fact, this is a completely incorrect statement. Do not eat it.Mom’s body lacks nutrition.Therefore, do not use the way you do n’t eat to ease pregnancy.

In addition, when eating, pay attention to reducing the intake and increasing the number of meals at the same time.

When I am pregnant, I have to eat six meals a day, but the amount of each meal is not much.The occurrence of pregnancy.

In addition to eating less meals, you also need to pay attention to the light diet, because some foods with heavy flavors, greasy foods, foods with irritating odor, etc. are all about the pregnancy of pregnant mothers.Essence

However, it is necessary to remind the pregnant mother here that the diet is light and light, but it cannot be dinner and dishes, but it is necessary to make the light diet nutrition.

▶ Reasonable use of vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 has a certain relieving effect on pregnancy, so if the pregnant mother said that vitamin B6 can be used to spit out during pregnancy.However, the use of vitamin B6 must pay attention to consulting the doctor’s opinion first, and use it reasonably with the advice of the doctor without using it without permission.

In addition, although vitamin B6 is said to be a nutrients needed by the human body, it cannot be taken for a long time and excessively, because the excessive amount of vitamin B6 will have certain side effects.

For example, the long -term intake of vitamin B6 in order to stop spitting can cause the fetal vitamin B6 dependence, which is not conducive to the healthy development of the fetus.

▶ Ginger ginger has a significant effect on pregnancy

A foreign professional institution has conducted a study. The results show that ginger has a good inhibitory effect on vomiting during pregnancy, which can reduce, relieve and even avoid the occurrence of pregnancy.Use ginger to stop vomiting.

[Eating method]: Pregnant mothers can make some drinks containing ginger juice, or make ginger tea and so on.

▶ Keep the environment refreshing and clean

The induction factors of pregnancy are actually very related to the environment. If the pregnant mother is full of odor in an environment, it is easy to occur.

Therefore, pregnant mothers should pay attention to maintaining the refreshing and cleaning of the living environment, and ventilate the air in the room. The family avoids smoking, spraying perfume, etc. When cookingEssence

In addition, pregnant mothers can also go out for walking, scattered, or so on. Many positive factors can help pregnant mothers alleviate the symptoms of pregnancy.

Pregnancy vomiting is a phenomenon that makes many pregnant mothers feel very uncomfortable. When pregnancy, everyone should pay attention to use the correct way to relieve it. If you are unclear if you are alleviated with pregnancyLearning related knowledge, learning in advance can allow you to take a lot of detours.

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