Why do the doctor ask "Do you want" after finding up pregnancy?Different answers are different

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Xiaomin and her husband have been married for a year. Recently, she found that she hadn’t had menstruation last month, so she guess she was pregnant.

She and her husband now have a natural attitude towards asking for children, so they are still very happy when they see the pregnancy test stick showing pregnancy.

After reporting the good news with her husband, the couple went to the hospital for a detailed examination.

As soon as the results of the hospital examination came out, there were indeed children. When the couple were happy, they heard the doctor ask:

"Do you want a child?"

After a second, Xiaomin heard her husband’s eager answer:

"We all get married." Both of us get married. "

The doctor looked at Xiaomin again. It was not until he heard Xiaomin that he also said that he changed his serious expression. He smiled and told Xiaomin that his mother was healthy, and reminded her to pay attention to what to pay attention to.Check inspection.

When he returned home with her husband, Xiaomin began to mumble how the doctor was so serious.

Although I don’t look big, the temperament of the married woman is still very strong, and the doctor who went to see two people together, why is it so eye -catching to see whether to ask for a child.

The husband had to comfort Xiaomin, saying that it must be too young to make people guess.

However, in fact, girls with this experience will find that no matter whether they look like they are married, after finding up pregnancy, the first sentence of the doctor is "or".

@水 水 水:

"I went to check it when I was pregnant. When I met the epidemic, I could only enter the hospital by myself.


"When I went to check for the first time, the doctor also asked me if I wanted it. At the time, I was weird. Of course, I do n’t want me what to conceive her."


"I Huai Erbao went to the hospital for a confirmation, and the doctor also asked if I wanted to do it. My husband immediately said that the doctor had a good attitude. And the one I said in front of me, the doctor said coldly with a cold face."

Judging from the actual experience of netizens, this "or not" is more like a necessary process at the time of consultation.

In fact, it is true to treat this sentence as a necessary process.

Doctors will not accurately guess the women who come to check every time, are they ready to ask for children?

Because even if they are married, there will be a situation that they have not intended to have children, or they already have children who do not want a second child.

The doctor confirmed before the next step, which is the manifestation of the responsible of the client.

After getting exact results, the doctor’s attitude will naturally be different.

The profession of doctors has enough to see life and death, and respect for life.

Knowing that the other party comes with expectations for new life, he will naturally smile and congratulate the other person, and then intimately explain every step that will be carried out later.

But if the other party does not want children, a life is about to die, which is a very heavy thing for doctors and pregnant women, and attitude will naturally be cold.

Some netizens said that even if the incident was caused, the cold "or not" was too unreasonable. It is recommended to change the method of interrogation.

@no patience:

"I think the cold one is cold. It is hurting for the pregnant mother who is full of expectations. It was full of joy. As a result, the doctor would be depressed at once."

There is still a matter of sophistication why you have to ask this sentence seriously.

1. Avoid affecting women’s judgment

In the final analysis, women are pregnant or not, and the decision is to be herself.Doctors without other emotions can avoid affecting women by themselves.

After all, many times, women are also unpredictable about whether they want their children. They may be guided to make a decision that is not suitable for her actual situation because of an emotional question from a doctor.

2. Prevent the other party from generating psychological pressure

If you are pregnant, there are those who are willing to give birth.Nowadays, the cost of parenting is very high, and most parents will be prepared to ask their children with actual situation.

Women who choose not to children must have their own reasons. Some are not ready, and some are currently not suitable for children.

As a professional doctor, what really think about women is to ask calmly.

The enthusiastic attitude is originally inclined to the other party who wants children, and it will increase the psychological pressure of the other party. I believe everyone will not like this feeling similar to being abducted by "attitude"!

Mom Do believes that it is correct, and more important to give women rationally and independently to make decisions that are more suitable for you.The seemingly cold problem is actually a bit touching.

Of course, choosing not children will inevitably bring double harm to women.

1. Cause bacterial infection

If the equipment disinfection is not done well, or the operator does not pay attention to the sterile process during the surgery, it is likely to cause intrauterine infection, which will even cause the consequences of foreign pregnancy or infertility in the future.

Therefore, in the case of no one, we must go to a regular hospital for professional doctors for this operation.

2. Cervical injury or uterine perforation

During the abortion surgery, if the expansion of the cervical mouth is accidentally or the expansion speed is too fast, it is likely to hurt the cervix. This situation often appears in women who are pregnant for the first time.

If the number of pregnancy weeks is large, or there have been many abortion experiences before, the chance of perforation will be greater.

3. Cervical or endometrial adhesion

When the uterine scraping is performed, if it is too rude to damage the cervix or endometrium, the cervical or endometrium adhesion may occur in the future, which will cause abnormal menstruation, which will cause infertility.

4. Harm ovarian

Once women are pregnant, they will have a lot of subtle changes in various functions of their bodies, and they will automatically prepare for the next October.

If it is artificially suspending pregnancy, it does not have a gradual adaptation process, which will cause certain harm to the human body. For example, a flow of people can make the ovary ten years old.

5. Psychological damage

If you make a child’s choice, you have a certain psychological pressure in itself, and the process of the flow of people will exacerbate psychological damage.

Double strikes in the body and psychological can produce a series of bad mental states such as depression, insomnia and even fear.

Mother’s message

Regarding women’s first sentence, the first sentence of the doctor is to ask the question "Want". Do you have fully understood it?In fact, this is a necessary process. The reason for doing this is a manifestation of responsibility.

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