Why do you dream frequently during pregnancy and help you analyze what 10 common dreams indicate what heralds.

Pregnant mothers gangs: Pregnant expectant mothers often have some strange dreams, but expectant mothers do not need to be too anxious, these are normal phenomena.Some people say that dreams are a response that the baby gives you. The expectant mothers can know the various situations of the baby through the dream. Why do you have frequently dreaming during pregnancy? Do you have experienced these dreams during pregnancy?Dream!

Why do you dream frequently during pregnancy?

In fact, the reason why the dreams done during pregnancy are often different, usually related to the changes in the sleep quality of expectant mothers.Especially when you enter a few months after pregnancy, due to the influence of progesterone and other factors, most pregnant mothers are basically in a light sleep state. As a result, not only the probability of dreaming will increase, but it is also easier to wake up.

Because humans are in a state of light sleep, although they are in a state of resting, they are mentally tight.Therefore, a small stimulus during the day may also make the prospective mummy’s cerebral cortex extremely active, not only dreaming, but also more realistic and more scary.What the prospective dad can do is to give the prospective mummy a peaceful hug when the prospective moms wake up in the middle of the night, and spend the long night with the pregnant mothers.

Analyze 10 dreams during pregnancy

Is it really such a spiritual inspection? Experts say that this is the sign of expectant mothers’ inner activities. The expectant mothers reflected in the dream because they wanted a male or female treasure because they wanted to be male or female treasures.In the folk, there are a lot of saying about pregnant women’s dreams, and it is very mysterious. Have you experienced the following 10 dreams?

1. Dreaming of breeding animals

Help analysis: relaxing, these dreams do not mean that you have a small animal.

According to Veronica Tonay, a professor of psychology at the University of St. Crush, dreaming of nurturing animals is a subconscious drill for the upcoming mother’s obligation.Because there is no clear concept of the baby in the mind, our thinking will be replaced with some of the food we are familiar with, such as the furry cat at home.

2. Dreaming of everyone you know becoming a cartoon character

Help Analysis: Ready to change the channel.

These dreams mean that you are preparing to get more contact with your children and look at the world with simple eyes.So although your colleagues are not replaced by the cartoon characters in "Dora of Love Explore", once your baby is born, you will still look at the people and things around you from another angle.

3. Dreaming that the zipper of the belly is not pulled, take it out and send it back again

Analysis of help: It sounds like a lipstick in my hand with a child who is not born in my hand, just like a lipstick in the wallet, it sounds charming, but it is a bit scary.

The actual reason for this dream is to show the begging of expectant mothers.Moms who have experienced such dreams may vomit in the next morning or some uncomfortable pregnancy reactions. Fantasy can temporarily remove the small baby in the stomach to relieve the uncomfortable pregnancy response.

4. Dreaming you have become a brick house, it is true

Help analysis: Women began to dream of medium -sized houses in the first three months of pregnancy. As the number of pregnancy weeks increase, the building has become larger and larger.

To put it simply, your belly and body are growing, and those buildings are also growing.But don’t be irritable -the huge skyscraper you dream of will disappear after nine months.

5. Dreaming of encountering natural disasters on the way

Help analysis: No, this is not because you have seen too much news. Women pregnant women rarely dream about current affairs.

On the contrary, women are usually worried about how to wear their Prada light dance shoes after the end of pregnancy.Expectant mothers may think that life will be destroyed by this 3 kg of natural disaster-babies.

Like working again, maintaining customer relationships and other thoughts began to sneak into our thoughts, driving our inner anxiety.

6. Dreaming people propose to you one by one

Help analysis: Suddenly, the delivery room looks more like a soap opera on the release.

The meaning of this dream is not to say that you want to get the attention of other men. It is more inclined to say goodbye to the carefree, free and free lifestyle, and embrace a new little lover in life: your baby.

7. Dreaming that there are no babies in your belly, but just buffet meals

Help analysis: This is the dream of every woman during pregnancy -slowly taste those kimchi, pizza cakes.

Food replaces the conflict between the baby in the two worlds: the desire for food and the desire for the baby’s birth, and the expectation of normal functional restoration of the stomach.

8. Dreaming of your baby is like moving toys, and you will always lose it

Analysis of help: I look forward to the mother who is worried about throwing off the child, forgetting it at home, and a hand -throwing car in the supermarket, or other places in the sun.

This kind of dream only reflects that you will have a child who needs to take care of and needs to be responsible for it in anxiety.

9. Dreaming that there is a dinosaur in the yard

Help analysis: Modern medicine can make children’s production process full of sunlight and rainbow, isn’t it?

Perhaps, but many women’s minds will emerge in the minds of the original period, and they will be more dangerous when they are about to give birth.But don’t worry, the pterosaur obviously will not give birth to your baby.

10. Dreaming of dreaming of a child you gave birth to clothes, you will have staggered walking

Help analysis: It is indeed a long time waiting for the baby he created in nine months to meet the baby he created.

The long -term span makes the mother very nervous. I don’t know what kind of meaningful way to communicate with it (wearing it decently), so when you see a healthy baby, you will naturally make communication easier.

Pregnant mothers gang group: Dreaming does not have to do small topics, physiological and psychological changes are the source of abnormal dreams

In summary, we can know that the reason why the expectant mothers have more dreams and stimulation are mostly caused by the physical or psychological changes of expectant mummy.There are also some pregnant women who are too worried about the fetus, such as whether the fetus can be sound, the discrimination of the gender of the fetus, or no confidence in their own production. In the long run, it will affect the endocrine system.Essence

In particular, after entering the third trimester, the uterus of pregnant women has been extremely swollen, and the burden of organs and systems is close to the peak. Therefore, the psychological pressure of pregnant women is also relatively heavy.Due to physical changes and inconvenience of exercise, pregnant women’s psychology will also cause corresponding changes. These are the reasons why pregnant mothers can’t sleep well at night.

What the prospective moms can do is to strengthen the mental health during pregnancy. When you find that you have ideological doubts and psychological burdens, you should ask a doctor to consult or treat in time to make your body and mind in a healthy state.At the same time, you can take a walk outdoors for a while before going to bed, or to relax your spirit with hot water, which will help improve sleep.If there are many dreams, nightmares, wake-up, etc., it has been frequent 3-4 times a week, then the prospective mummy should go to the hospital for diagnosis early.(Pregnant mothers gang group)

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