Why do you eat peppercorns?How to choose peppercorns?One article understands the secrets of pepper

I have eaten peppercorns today, my mouth is so numb ~

Don’t gobble in eating ~ Speaking of peppercorns, do you know the difference between peppercorns and hemp peppers?

I don’t know, the taste is numb ~

Let’s listen to the science of experts together!

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Pepper is a common seasoning, and it has a wide range of uses. It has a spicy and fragrant taste. It is appetizing and warm. Many foods are icing on the cake because of the addition of peppercorns.

But why does peppercorns feel numb?What is the difference between peppercorns and hemp peppers?

What is peppercorns

Pepper is native to our country. It is resistant to drought and likes to the sun.

The chemical ingredients in peppercorns mainly include volatile oil, amide, alkaloids, flavonoids, etc. The main ingredients that cause hemp flavors are chain, unsaturated fatty acid amide, collectively referred to as hemp substances.The raised surface.

When we bite peppercorns, we feel particularly numb. In fact, we bite the protruding of the peppercorns on the surface of the pepper, so that the peppercorns containing peppercorns are leaked.

Pepper can remove the fishy stogenous gas, promote saliva secretion, increase appetite, expand blood vessels, and thereby reducing blood pressure.

In addition to the flavoring flavor to taste, peppercorns have many uses:

For example, using dozens of flowers and pepper into rice bags can be used to prevent rice insects from being washed in rice. Washing of peppercorns can treat itching skin; put some pepper in the cabinet or near the food, which can remove mosquito and ants.

The difference between peppercorns and hemp pepper

Different color

The color of the peppercorns is brown -red, while the hemp pepper was originally pale green, and it was brownish yellow after the air was dry.

Different smell

The smell of peppercorns is irritating, but it is also more fragrant. It can be accepted by smelling, but the hemp pepper smells pungent, not fragrant and smelly, and is also called "stinky pepper" in Sichuan.

Different taste

The taste of peppercorns is spicy, the aftertaste is delicious, and the texture of hemp pepper is very numb, and the aftertaste is also hemp.

Different cooking effect

The peppercorns mainly play a role in increasing fragrance and slightly hemp, and hemp pepper mainly adds hemp flavor to the dishes. The general amount of use is less. If more, it will affect the original fragrance and taste of the dishes.

How to choose storage


When buying, you need to see the surface clearly. The more small pupa on the peppercorns, the more fragrant the more fragrant.

Normally grow peppercorns with cracks on the surface, and the color is not very bright, mainly dark red, and the peppercorns that pass the dyed are more bright and less open. Such peppercorns should not be selected.


When buying, gently pinch with your hands.

Crisp, squeeze with your hands, it will be broken, and it is high -quality peppercorns, and it is relatively hard and difficult to break.

Tissue identification

When buying, wrap a handful of pepper with a white clean paper towel, then pinch it tightly with your hands, and then put the peppercorns back to observe the changes in the paper towels.

If it is inferior peppercorns, there will be oil printing or discoloration on the paper towels, and paper towels will become light red. Such peppercorns should not be selected.

How to store

Storage environment

When storage, the environmental temperature, humidity, oxygen content, and light should be kept lower, and it is not advisable to be stored after crushing.

Way of storage

When the family stores a small amount of peppercorns, it can be placed in a wide -mouth container with lids, and is used as follows. After use, cover the lid strictly and place it in the dark to avoid the peppercorns from being wapped and aromatic.

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