Why do you have a big belly after pregnancy?What is the scientific basis for "big belly is a boy"?

Pregnant mother Xiaolin has been thinking since her pregnancy. She is a boy and girl in her stomach. Is it like a father or a mother?The skin is white or not?All kinds of guess every day, can’t be anxious!Sometimes I really want to take it out to see what the little ghost looks like!Pregnant mothers are born to observe. Xiaolin compares the pregnant mother who is the same as the pregnancy weeks and found that she is the same as the same gestational week. The belly is not the same size!I murmured in my heart, what’s the matter with my baby?Is it possible to say the phrase "the big belly has a boy, the belly is a girl"?In fact, this aunt -style review style has been in ancient times. After thousands of years, it has been enduring.But there is no scientific basis.So why do some pregnant mothers have a relatively large belly?

Due to the pregnant mother’s own reasons, there is a swimming circle on the belly. After pregnancy, she is naturally a lap than other pregnant mothers. The abdominal fat is large, and the belly is naturally big.

300 ~ 2000ml is the normal range of amniotic fluid. It exceeds 2000ml. It is called too much amniotic fluid. There are so many water in the stomach, which is naturally large!(Diabetes, severe anemia, fetal central nervous system, digestive system malformations or multi -fetal mothers, it is easier to spend too much amniotic fluid)

The fetus develops fast, and the pregnant mother’s belly is naturally obvious.However, do n’t be proud of the big belly. The larger fetus is usually passed to the fetus through the umbilical cord due to the good nutrition of the pregnant mother, or even an excess nutrition.The blood glucose concentration in pregnant mothers increases a large amount of sugar to the fetus to make the fetus too big.You can pay attention to your blood glucose level during the test of 24-28 weeks of sugar. If the blood sugar is too high, you must be careful about gestational diabetes!

That is, everyone often says that it is unprecedented and unprepared.If the placenta is located on the front wall of the uterus, it will be more arduous and looks like a large stomach; if the placenta is located on the back wall of the uterus, it seems that the belly will not have the front of the front.It is normal whether the placenta is located in the front wall of the uterus or the back wall.

There are 46 chromosomes in humans, of which 22 are shared by mothers and dads, which are called autonomic chromosomes, and sexual chromosomes that determine gender exist in father’s body.When fertilization, the mother only provides the eggs of the X chromosome, and the father offers sperm containing X chromosomes and Y chromosomes.If the mother’s egg is combined with Dad’s X sperm, it develops into a woman and combines with Y sperm, and it becomes a boy.Therefore, boys and girls mainly depend on what type of sperm of eggs and what types of sperm, which has nothing to do with the ovulation period.It has nothing to do with the above

Each pregnant mother has different physical condition before pregnancy, and the nutritional intake during pregnancy is not the same, but in the reasons related to the size of the stomach during pregnancy, there is no link to the gender of the fetus.The same is purely coincidental.In short, as long as the baby is healthy and healthy in the pregnant mother’s belly!

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