Why do you have no abortion for three months of pregnancy?Is this a curse?

Mr. Han Bailing was born in an ordinary family of agricultural medicine and has been influenced by Chinese medicine since he was a child. Therefore, he was determined to be a doctor who saved the wounded, so he began to follow the local famous doctors to learn art.He was good at his life, not fame and fortune, just to benefit the people around him.When he learned his skills and was medical, he did not know how many people had rescued, but what he was best at treating gynecological diseases was the best.

He has treated a patient who has a habitual abortion. The patient was 28 years old and had been aborted 4 times in less than 2 years. Almost every time he was about 3 months, the child was flowing inexplicably.This incident made her sad, so she asked medical medicine everywhere, hoping to have a child smoothly.

Some people treat her as qi and blood deficiency, and think that the qi and blood are insufficient, so the fetus does not get enough nutrients, and often it will have a miscarriage before the fetus grows.But except for her complexion, she seemed to have become more rosy, and there was nothing much about other changes, and she still couldn’t keep the fetus after pregnancy.

Other people think that she is a miscarriage caused by spleen deficiency and qi. Because of the lack of qi, the fetal palace is unable to carry the fetus, so whenever she pregnant, the fetus will have a miscarriage.And they will prescribe some medicines for replenishing Qi.But it still has no effect, because after taking a lot of medicines, the child still has a miscarriage for no reason at 3 months of pregnancy.

She just begged for treatment everywhere, and did not know how many places, and did not know how many medicines they took, but no one could cure her illness.Until one time, a very chance, she heard that there was a famous doctor in a place, and there was a set of treatment for gynecological diseases.So she planned to try it, and that person was Han Bailing.

When she was not far away to find a doctor, she was still a little excited. I don’t know why. Although she failed so many times, when she saw Dr. Han, she seemed to see hope again.The doctor asked her some related situations, asked her very carefully, and then prescribed her medicine for her. The prescription was:

Cooked land, yam, five flavors, 菟 silk, Morinda, pyrone, eucommia, divine fat, Sichuan disconnection, mulberry parasitic.

She was holding the prescription, just like holding a precious treasure. When she took this prescription for half a month of medicine, she had the effect. At least she felt that she was much better and she was even more powerful.So after half a month, I went to the doctor for treatment. The doctor added a few pills to the original prescription: ginseng, atractylodes, and antlers.

After 2 months, she went to the doctor to say that she had not come for more than 50 days during her medicine. I wonder if there is any side effects of this medicine.The doctor gave her the pulse, the pulse was slippery, and the ruler pulse was very good, so she told her that the menstruation was not because of pregnancy, and told her to take medicine according to the original square.Essence

After returning home, she did what the doctor said. Sure enough, the doctor did not disappoint her, and finally successfully got the first child, and gave birth to a second child 2 years later.

The limbs are not warm, and the pulse is gentle and weak, so you should not distinguish the deficiency of qi and blood, or the temper sinking, but the kidney yang has a problem.There was some recovery, so I added a few taste medicines to strengthen the spleen and qi.The syndrome differentiation is accurate, so the treatment effect is obvious!

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