Why do you have too much back pain during pregnancy? Pay attention!May cause abortion

Xiaobian is now more than 5 months, and I went to the birth checkup next week.Now there are more standing, or you will shake your head if you sit too much.In the middle and late stages of pregnancy, due to the gradual larger of the fetus, the lumbar spine is suffering from greater pressure, and there are often back pain problems.If it is only slight back pain, it is normal during pregnancy.However, if the back pain is very serious, pregnant women will be paid attention to. Excessive back pain may be a precursor to miscarriage.

Causes of back pain during pregnancy

1. Hormone in pregnant women changes.Pregnant women secrete a hormone that promotes the ligament connecting the pelvis to relax, which is to give birth to the fetus more smoothly during childbirth.This hormone can also relax the muscles, which causes the curvature of the spine, so the pregnant woman feels back pain.

2. The uterus and fetus can also cause back pain for pregnant women.

3. Due to the heavy body and lack of exercise, pregnant women have weakened the basal physical strength of the body. Therefore, pregnant women do not maintain a normal posture as before pregnancy, and the waist is prone to pain.

Causes of back pain at different stages of pregnancy

1. In the early pregnancy, the back pain of the pregnant woman will be mild, but it is just back pain.Back pain during this period was caused by the back of the uterus, which was caused by oppression caused by the rectal and ligaments.If you are accompanied by vaginal bleeding when you have back pain, you must pay attention to whether it is a precursor to miscarriage, or it may be an ectopic pregnancy; if back pain has affected the activity of pregnant women, you need to go to the doctor as soon as possible;It is caused by the lack of vitamin B1; if the back pain is still accompanied by leg cramps, it is caused by calcium deficiency.

2. In the middle and late pregnancy, pregnant women’s back pain is more common, which is caused by physiological reasons during pregnancy.The hormone secretion during pregnancy causes the joint ligament to relax and the increase of the uterus, which is compressed to pelvic tissue and nervous system.Due to the increase in the waist of the pregnant woman, the center of gravity of the body moves backwards. If the pregnant woman wants to maintain the balance of the body, the waist can only protrude forward.Back pain for backache.

Therefore, during pregnancy, pregnant women feel back pain, and the pain is within the scope where the pregnant woman can tolerate it, and there is no other complications. It is normal. Pregnant women do not have to worry too much. The phenomenon of back pain will be eliminated by themselves after childbirth.However, if the waist is too painful and other diseases such as vaginal hemorrhage need to attract sufficient attention, this may be the signal of abortion.In addition, pregnant women should avoid staying or standing for a long time. They need to move around for a while to relax the nervous muscles and relieve back pain.

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