Why doctors suggest that pregnant mothers do vaginal B -ultrasound, isn’t Yin Chao hurting the baby?

Will yin super hurt the baby in the belly?Many pregnant mothers will be afraid when they hear that they want to do vaginal ultrasound, especially the mothers who are just pregnant.In fact, because everyone has misunderstandings about Yin Chao, the fear is enlarged accordingly.

What is vaginal B -ultrasound?

The vaginal B ultrasound is type B ultrasound checked by the vaginal examination. The vaginal B -ultrasound is to put the B -ultrasound probe with a condom into the vagina for observation and ultrasonic diagnosis.

Why use vaginal ultrasound to check?

Vaginal ultrasound is suitable for monitoring of ovulation, luteal and follicle growth, diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy, diagnosis of polycystic ovary syndrome, and chocolate cysts.

Because the position of the yin -super probe is close to the uterus and ovaries, it is closely attached to the cervix and the dome. It is not affected by the intestinal gas interference and the attenuation of the abdominal wall sound. The image is clear, the resolution is high, and the examination results are more accurate. Therefore, it is more commonly used in gynecological examinations.

Moreover, the inspectors do not need to "urinate", do not need to drink a lot of water and urinate, which saves time.For patients with difficulty in the abdominal wall, excessive ovarian position, or difficulty in the abdomen examination, Yin Chao is a better choice.

Will Yin Chao affect the baby?

Ultrasonic examination is a non -invasive examination using ultrasound, which has become one of the main diagnostic methods in modern clinical medicine.Many professional organizations such as the American Obstetrics and Gynecology Association believe that conventional ultrasound examinations during pregnancy are safe for fetuses, including vaginal ultrasound.

Yin Chao’s probe is only extending to the middle and upper part of the vagina and the place where the cervix is transferred. It will not reach into the cervix and will not enter the uterine cavity, so it will not be exposed to the amniotic sac and baby.Both the international and domestic obstetrics and gynecology sciences believe that whether it is vagina or abdomen B -ultrasound, as long as it is not frequently and stays in one part for a long time, it will not cause harm to the fetus.

What role does Yin Chao play in auxiliary reproductive technology?

For patients who accept assisted reproductive technology, vaginal ultrasound plays a vital role in early pregnancy:

1. Check whether the patient is pregnant.

2. Judging the position of the gestational sac is located in the palace or outside the palace.

3. Judging a few babies.

4. Monitor whether the growth and development of the fetus is normal.

Accepting patients with auxiliary reproductive technology, ovaries will become larger after ovulation, and may take advantage of pelvic cavity. After taking progesterone tire preservation, intestinal peristalsis may slow downThe quality of the ultrasonic image is easy to interfere with the risk of missed diagnosis of errors in ectopic pregnancy.

Therefore, it is recommended that prospective mothers choose vaginal B -ultrasound with high frequency, high resolution, and clearer images, which can reduce the risk of missed diagnosis.””” “” Infertility”@

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