Why does pregnant women be reminded to eat less sweets?

During the pregnancy, the mother’s healthy mothers also have many precautions in their diet. Many things cannot be eaten casually, because they may hurt the fetus in the abdomen without paying attention.Therefore, many mothers will avoid their mouths during pregnancy. Even if they like to eat, they will try to avoid or eat less.Like sweets that girls love to eat, pregnant women should eat less.

There are so many sweets, and eating sweetness will make people feel better. Why should pregnant women eat less or not?

This is because eating sweets during pregnancy is not only bad for teeth, but also prone to diabetes.You know, the blood glucose of our human body must be maintained at normal levels without insulin, but after pregnancy, some anti -insulin -like substances will be produced in the pregnant mother, and these substances will increase with the progress of pregnancy, which will then be right.Insulin is becoming more and more sensitive. If the secretion of insulin in pregnant mothers at this time does not increase accordingly, or the dietary structure during pregnancy is unreasonable, eats too much, and eats too sweet.High, gestational diabetes.And once gestational diabetes occurs, whether it is for pregnant mothers and baby baby.Hypertension during pregnancy or pre -eclampsia

Diabetes pregnant women are susceptible to hypertension during pregnancy, while also increasing the difficulty of controlling blood sugar and controlling blood pressure. Some patients need to be hospitalized to monitor the situation of pregnant women and fetuses.If blood sugar and blood pressure control are not satisfactory, you may need to give birth in advance.Too much amniotic fluid

High blood sugar in pregnant mothers can lead to a high blood sugar environment in the fetus, leading to increased fetal urine output and excessive amniotic fluid.Too much amniotic fluid increases the uterus, the diaphragm is lifted, which affects the breathing of pregnant women. At the same time, increased pressure in the uterine cavity can also cause premature and premature birth.Infect

Excessive blood glucose may cause asymptomatic bacterial urine and can be infected with uplifting, leading to pyelonephritis.In addition, the increase in vaginal epithelial cells has increased, causing local degradation of local flora, leading to vulvar vaginal fake silk yeast disease.Increased surgery

If the diabetic pregnant women are not ideal during pregnancy, the fetus weighs more than the fetal age, and the opportunity to increase the output, vaginal delivery and cesarean section during childbirth.Pre -pregnancy and early pregnancy

Hyperglycemia before pregnancy and early pregnancy will affect the normal development of the embryo, causing fetal malformations. In severe cases, the fetus will stop developing and eventually abortion.Mid -pregnancy and late pregnancy

Fetal high insulin ledmia, huge child.Pregnant women’s blood sugar is too high, resulting in excessive insulin secretion, excessive development of the fetus, greater weight than 4000g or normal (such as shoulders and chest wide);Increase; after birth, the probability of newborn hypoglycemia and newborn jaundice is also higher than those of normal.Long -term

If pregnant women do not control blood glucose in pregnant women, the fetus is huge, then these childhood childhood and adult obesity and type 2 diabetes are high, and the onset of diabetes is earlier.

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