Why does the breast feel pain?Is it "the big event"?A few aspects may wish to understand

Breast pain is a problem that some women encounter, some are very mild, and some are very serious.No matter how the cause of breast pain, it is good for yourself. After all, breast pain may be caused by disease.But don’t worry too much, because sometimes breast pain is just a physiological phenomenon.You can understand the cause of breast pain, compare yourself to see which situation you belong to.

1. Breast pain caused by development

Girls develop breasts during adolescence, and mild pain will occur during the process of development, which is a normal situation.Breasts are gradually developing, and breast tenderness will disappear, so don’t be too panic.Drive the right underwear and relax, don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

2. Breast pain caused by menstruation

This cause of breast pain is very common. It is the most common type. It accounts for a large proportion of all breast pain and can account for 60%.Breast pain usually occurs about three days before menstruation, and it will gradually reduce after menstruation.This problem is not every menstrual period, nor is it the same degree of menstrual pain, and there may be a lot of performance.

3. Breast pain caused by pregnancy

Pregnancy is also the cause of female breast pain. The body hormone changes. A large amount of secretion of estrogen progesterone will make women’s breasts larger, and it will feel painful.This is a normal physiological phenomenon. Sometimes, there will be such a uncomfortable feeling throughout pregnancy. Generally, no treatment is required.

4. Breast pain caused by breast hyperplasia

Breast hyperplasia is a relatively common breast disease. Many women have such problems and often occur in women aged 30 to 50.A more typical symptom of breast hyperplasia is breast pain, and there will be lumps at the same time. Breast pain caused by this cause is generally not particularly obvious, and the pain in pain will not be particularly deep.

5. Breast pain caused by mastitis

Mastitis can also cause breast pain, mainly divided into two types, including mammal mastitis and non -mammitis.Mastitis is relatively urgent, and it will feel red, swollen and painful, and further develop into abscess.Non -lactating mastitis is relatively slow, and breast masses, nipple discharge, pain and other symptoms may occur.You need to treat this breast disease quickly, and choose the most suitable treatment method according to your specific situation.

Many women think of breast cancer as soon as they feel breast pain, and they feel that they must have a very serious breast disease.In fact, breast cancer does not have symptoms of pain in the early stage. Its most typical manifestation is that the breasts of the breasts occur, the skin will change, and the nipple discharge will occur.With further development, there may be pain in different degrees and different parts.The symptoms of breast cancer and breast hyperplasia are similar, but the difference is relatively large.

There are many reasons for breast pain, some are normal physiological phenomena, and some are caused by breast disease.In any case, you must relax, don’t put too much pressure on yourself, you can go to the hospital to see the doctor and do a check, and see what is caused by the bottom.After finding the reason behind, you can know the solution, the point is to make you feel at ease.

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