Why does the fetus "snoring" during pregnancy?It turns out that these situations are reflected, pregnant mothers don’t ignore

Each of us in daily life has had snoring, and there are many ways to prevent hiccups without scientific.However, many people must never think that the phenomenon of snoring in the small life in the abdomen, and this snoring phenomenon will reflect many of the fetus. Do you know as a treasure mother?Why does the fetus "snoring" during pregnancy?It turned out that these situations were reflected, and pregnant mothers don’t ignore it.

First, what is fetal hiccup?

In the early days of the fetus, when the pregnant mother’s abdomen did not belong to its own respiratory organs, when the development of the fetus was increasingly mature, the fetus also began to prepare for the breathing after birth, so she would pass the mother’s body to pass the mother’s body.Eromatating amniotic fluid to exercise breathing. At this time, swallowing this movement can cause the fetal abdominal diaphragm diaphragm, and the fetal snoring is the phenomenon caused by the diaphragm contraction.

Second, the time when the fetal snoring appears?

Generally speaking, the fetal snoring phenomenon has begun when it is about four months of pregnancy. Snoring the phenomenon of hiccups has been there since then. Of course, snoring will occur in advance.

Third, how can fetal snoring phenomenon reflect the fetus?

Fetal snoring can reflect the two aspects of the fetus. On the one hand, it can reflect the current state of the fetus. Generally speaking, if the fetal snoring shows a certain regularity, the fetal movement is not abnormal at this time, it means that the current state of the fetus is in good condition.Conversely, if the fetal snoring is irregular and the fetal movement is abnormal, it means that there is a problem with the development of the fetus at present, and the pregnant mother should go to the hospital in time.On the other hand, it can reflect the position of the fetus.Generally, the pregnant mother feels that the position of the fetus hiccups is the position of the fetal head. This means that if the position of the fetus hiccup is on the lower side of the pregnant mother’s abdomen, it means that the position of the fetus is normal.If the position of the fetus snoring is above the abdomen, it means that the position of the fetus is upper. In this case, a caesarean section needs to be produced during production.However, due to the deviation of the personal feelings of pregnant mothers, the final fetal position should be determined according to the situation of B -ultrasound during the birth check.

Fourth, what kind of feelings do pregnant mothers feel when they are snoring?

The fetal hiccups are like we usually snoring. It will cause our body to float up and down, so when the fetus snores in the abdomen of the pregnant mother, the pregnant mother can feel the floating of their stomachs.If the pregnant mother touches her belly at this time, it will feel that the feeling at this time is similar to the fetal movement, but the difference is that the fetal snoring will show a certain regularity, and the ordinary fetal movement is not regular.Therefore, from this perspective, the pregnant mother can clearly distinguish between the difference between the two.

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