Why does the secretions get more in the early pregnancy?is this normal?

In the early stages of pregnancy, various changes in expectant mothers will have various changes. For example, some expectant mothers will find that they have become more secretions, and they will inevitably feel panic.Essence

Why does the secretions get more in the early pregnancy?is this normal?Next, I will talk to you why the amount of secretions increase in the early pregnancy.

The reasons for the more secretions in the early pregnancy

After pregnancy, the vagina of expectant mothers will secrete more secretions than before pregnancy, and the viscosity is thick.The reason why this happened was because the luteal ketone in expectant mothers became more, and metabolism became active, resulting in more secretions.

And with the increase of the number of pregnancy weeks, leucorrhea secretion will be more.Especially in the third trimester, in order to prepare for the birth of the baby, the secretions may increase a lot.

It is normal to become more secretions in the early pregnancy. Generally, special treatment is not required. However, more secretions during pregnancy will make the vulva in a humid environment and may stimulate local skin.Therefore, expectant mothers should pay attention to their vaginal hygiene care, and change their underwear and take a bath daily.

What should I do if the secretions have odor in the early pregnancy?

The shape, color, and smell of the secretions in the early pregnancy are closely related to the healthy state of expectant mothers.If you find that your vaginal discharge has a odor, and even accompanied by discomfort such as vaginal itching, then you are going to sound the alarm bell in your heart, because this situation may be vaginitis.

Vaginitis during pregnancy is moldy vaginitis. The pathogen is white. The symptoms are severe itching and burning pain in the vulva. The leucorrhea changes are mostly condensed or white bean slag.Mold vaginitis should be treated as soon as possible.Otherwise, premature birth and fetal membrane will be broken, and newborn fungal infections will even occur.

Reminder of warmth of health doctrine

During pregnancy, expectant mothers find that there are abnormal conditions in her secretions during pregnancy. Be sure to seek medical treatment in time. Do not think that this is a "shame" thing. If you have any problems, deal with it in time to ensure the health of yourself and the baby!

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