Why don’t the Chinese get used to eating steaks

The habit of eating steaks does not seem to be too much.However, in this era of national fitness, steak seems to be more and more "fire".In addition to Chinese people’s enthusiasm for steaks, foreigners are also incredible about the fact that Chinese people like to eat steak.After all, the amount of beef imported in my country is getting larger and larger, and more and more people have begun to get used to eating steaks slowly.However, there are still many people who are very resistant to steaks. In fact, the reason is simple.

1. Eating habit

China is a country that eats with chopsticks, and the standard of western restaurants is knives and forks. For those who are afraid of social fear, they are not used to having a knife fork to eat steak. Instead of ugly in front of friends, it is better not to eat it.EssenceThere is also the maturity of steak. We are more accustomed to eating beef beef, and it is particularly delicious. The more chewing, the more fragrant, and the steak is generally cooked to eight cooked, and even with blood shreds. Many people feel that many people feel likeThere is no way.Of course, there are many steaks now, and you can order food according to your personal preferences.

2. There are too few western restaurants

In China, Western restaurants are really pitiful.Most Western restaurants sell various fast food, such as McDonald’s and KFC.If you go to these places, you will find that many people are eating fast food.Even if many people eat steaks, few people will eat steaks.In fact, there are very few Western restaurants in China. Except for some chains, they will be opened in the business district, and they will not be as fast as Chinese fast food.The inconvenience caused by the store is also an important reason for the Chinese people to not catch a cold to the steak.

Three, the price is more expensive

The Chinese consumption level is still relatively low compared to developed countries in the West, and many people can’t even afford steaks.If the level of consumption of Japanese people is relatively high, the consumption level of European and American countries is equivalent to the average level of our country.The price of Japanese steaks is generally at a 50-80 yuan, and the price of American steak is generally 60-100 yuan.If you want to go to a high -end restaurant for dinner, the price may be higher.According to data, China’s per capita GDP has exceeded 8,000 US dollars, and this number ranks second in the world.And China has entered a well -off society in an all -round way, and eating steak is no longer unusual.With the improvement of income levels, people’s requirements for the quality of life are getting higher and higher, and steak is also a good choice.

In fact, more and more people choose to eat steak at home, because the cooking of steaks can be said to be much simpler than Chinese food. It only needs a piece of butter and a pan, and even the kitchen white can be fried.EssenceCoupled with the semi -finished products now, the steaks bought back are marinated, and even black pepper sauce and pasta are paired, which is particularly convenient to eat.

For example, this Daxi Steak Steak, which has been eaten by my family, has only a dozen dollars, and it also gives a knife fork and black pepper sauce. It becomes very easy to make steak at home.Each piece of beef is cut, rejecting synthetic meat, and after physical acidic acid, the taste of the beef tastes tender and more fragrant, and slightly marinated is the standard of good beef.To the original incense of beef.[Daxi Di] Reconstruction of Fili Niu Steak 130g [2 tablets/bag]*5+West cold steak 100g*5 bags ¥ 179.9 Purchase

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