Why is anyone allergic to semen?How do we want a woman who is allergic to semen?One article explains

Mr. Chen always wanted a child, but his wife Xiaofang was allergic to semen.Whenever Mr. Chen raises the topic of having children, Xiaofang is always silent, so Mr. Chen was distressed and distressed.

1. The phenomenon of allergies to semen

Allergies for semen are also called "sperm allergy" or "sperm antibody disease".It is a disease with abnormal immune system. When women are exposed to male semen, their immune system will treat sperm in semen as enemies and produce antibodies to attack them.

Common symptoms of allergies to semen include:

Vaginal itching and burning sensation

Patients with semen allergies may have vaginal itching and burning sensation.These symptoms may appear immediately after contacting semen, or may appear in hours or days later.Vaginal itching and burning sensation can bring great discomfort and trouble to patients.

Vaginal secretions increase

Patients with semen allergies may have symptoms of increased vaginal secretions.These secretions may be sticky or clear.Increased secretions may cause vaginal dryness and discomfort.

Vaginal dryness and pain

Patients with semen allergies may develop symptoms of dryness and pain.These symptoms may make sexual life very difficult and pain, and may even lead to the abandonment of sexual life.

Skin rash and allergic dermatitis

Patients with semen allergies may develop symptoms of skin rash and allergic dermatitis.These symptoms may appear in any part of the body, including faces, necks, arms and abdomen.Skin rash and allergic dermatitis may cause itching and discomfort.

Swelling of throat and dyspnea

Patients with allergies of semen may experience symptoms of swelling of throat and dyspnea.These symptoms may appear immediately after contacting semen, or may appear in hours or days later.Severe throat swelling and dyspnea may endanger patients’ lives.

Abdominal pain and diarrhea

Patients with semen allergies may have symptoms of abdominal pain and diarrhea.These symptoms may appear immediately after contacting semen, or may appear in hours or days later.Abdominal pain and diarrhea may cause patients to feel fatigue and weak.

2. Cause of allergies to semen

The cause of semen allergies is the result of the common effect of various factors.The most common causes are abnormal and genetic factors of immune systems.

Immune system abnormalities: Under normal circumstances, the immune system will believe that the cells in the human body are their own and produce antibodies to protect the body from infection.However, the immune system of women who allergies to semen will mistake sperm as foreign invasive substances and produce antibodies to fight sperm.This immune system is usually caused by allergic reactions to some proteins in the body.

Genetic factors: Allergies for semen may also be caused by genetic factors.Studies have shown that if a person’s family has a history of allergies to semen, the risk of this person will increase the risk of this disease.

Risk factors include:

Frequent sexual activity: Increased contact with semen also increases the risk of allergies to semen.

Sexual partners change frequently: If women’s sexual partners often change, the risk of allergies for semen will increase.

Uterine resection: If women have performed uterine removal, they will increase the risk of allergies for semen.

Other allergies: If women already have other allergies, such as pollen allergies, food allergies, etc., the risk of allergies to semen will increase.

Third, the impact on semen allergy

Affected fertility: When women suffer from allergies to semen, when sperm contacts the vagina, it may hinder conception.This will make it difficult for the couple’s fertility plan.In this case, if you want to get pregnant, the couple should seek advice and treatment methods for professional doctors.

Affected sex: For semen allergies, it may cause some discomfort to sex, such as itching, pain and burning sensation.This will reduce the quality of sexual desire and sexual life.If women encounter these problems in sex, they should consult a doctor as soon as possible to obtain treatment advice.

Treatment methods and suggestions:

The method of treating semen allergies depends on the severity of the disease.For patients with mild symptoms, doctors may recommend using condoms to avoid direct contact with semen.If the symptoms are more severe, drug therapy is needed, such as antihistamine drugs and immunomotive regulators.In some cases, doctors may recommend using immunotherapy, such as human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) treatment.

4. Prevention of allergies to semen

Using condoms: condoms are a simple and effective way to prevent allergies to semen.Using a condom during sexual behavior can avoid direct contact with semen, thereby reducing the risk of allergies to semen.Women can choose to use women’s condoms or men’s condoms.

Receive immunotherapy: For some women with severe semen, immunotherapy may be an effective treatment.This therapy can help regulate the patient’s immune system and reduce allergic reactions to sperm.Human choric membrane promoter gonadotropin (HCG) is a commonly used immunotherapy drug that can be used under the guidance of a doctor.

Maintaining cleaning and hygiene habits: Maintaining cleaning and hygiene habits is also one of the important ways to prevent allergies to semen.Women should take a bath every day to keep the vulva clean and dry.Avoid wearing tight pants or underwear, you should choose cotton underwear with good breathability.In addition, it is recommended to use lubricants before sex to reduce vaginal stimulation and discomfort.

Allergies for semen are relatively rare but very real.It is very important to understand the causes and impacts of semen allergies, especially for women who want to give birth or maintain a healthy life.Although there are currently no way to cure semen allergies, there are some prevention and management methods that can help relieve symptoms.If you suspect you are allergic to semen, please consult your doctor in time to obtain the correct treatment suggestions.

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