Why is hypertension so terrible due to hypertension at 27 weeks of pregnancy?May be different from what you think

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For a pregnant woman, the most worried thing is that there is a problem with the body during pregnancy.At this time, the disease will not only hurt their bodies, but also a lot of risks for babies in the stomach.

Especially those diseases that may cause serious consequences will increase the psychological burden of pregnant women, such as hypertension.

In the eyes of the public, the disease of hypertension is not terrible. It is appropriate to take a little drug to control blood pressure, do some conventional treatment, and control it in a reasonable range.

But if it is hypertension during pregnancy, it will cause full attention, and serious situations may cause induction of labor!

This statement is by no means groundless, and the example of hypertension and induction of labor really exists in reality.

▼ 27 weeks of pregnancy induced labor due to hypertension

A friend working in the hospital told me that there was a young mother who had a family hereditary hypertension. Although it was usually well controlled, there was a sudden hypertension during pregnancy and the situation was critical.

At that time, she had been pregnant for 27 weeks, and she had to have an induction of labor.

During the process of induction of labor, this young girl still has a big bleeding. The entire surgery process can be said to be thrilling. With a little negligence, they may lose their lives.

Maybe many people will ask here, isn’t it hypertension, how can it cause such serious problems?

You know, hypertension during pregnancy is different from general hypertension. As a unique disease during pregnancy, its destructive power is huge, which is one of the important causes of maternal and fetal death.

Hypertension during pregnancy is worse, and there is a problem of hypertension in itself. It is difficult to control it. In addition, the special identity of pregnant women has many limitations in treatment. If you don’t pay attention, you may lead to serious consequences.

At present, the incidence of hypertension during pregnancy is as high as 5%to 12%. It may not be so serious to look at this data, but if you have experienced it once, you will find that it is a magpie of a murderer.

▼ Why are the hazards of hypertension during pregnancy?

Hypertension during pregnancy, including hypertension during pregnancy, early eclampsia, eclampsia, and chronic hypertension concurrent eclampsida, chronic hypertension combined with pregnancy, etc. The most common clinical is the first three types.

The physiological and pathological changes in these groups can be described as "led the whole body".Even if it is only a change in one of the small blood vessels, it may cause internal organs and local ischemia.

During pregnancy, both pregnant women and fetuses need blood to provide nutrients and oxygen. If these diseases are reduced by blood infraction transported to all parts of the whole body, then various organs and systems will be affected:

Brain brain: cerebral edema, congestion, cerebral vascular spasm, local ischemia and even thrombosis and bleeding.

小 kidney: glomerular dilation, proteinuria, increased uric acid concentration, renal function damage, renal cortex necrosis, which cause irreversible damage.

功 liver: abnormal liver function, elevated transaminase, bleeding or even necrosis around the vein of the liver door, and severe liver rupture may occur.

Cardiovascular: myocardial ischemia, vascular spasm, increased blood pressure, pulmonary edema, severe heart failure.

The above are only part of the impact of hypertension during pregnancy.For the fetus in the abdomen, certain diseases caused by hypertension will compress the placenta decline, limited their growth, and then die hypoxia.

If the placenta peels early and the blood vessel rupture, it may even die.

Although there is no clear cause of hypertension during pregnancy, there are some criteria for judgment in clinical practice:

Maternal women age ≥40

Multi -pregnant pregnancy for the first pregnancy

史 There is a history of family hypertension, diabetes and chronic nephritis and other diseases

产 Obesity, the initial inspection BMI ≥ 35kg/㎡

妹 Mother or sisters have a history of pre -spectacle, or related family history

压 Early pregnancy systolic blood pressure ≥1300mmHg, or diastolic pressure ≥80mmHg

Because of the great destructive power during pregnancy, it has made it one of the most important diseases that need to be noticed during pregnancy.

In the process of each maternity check, quantity blood pressure also needs to be more closely controlled.

Clinically, we can often see that many pregnant women have the position of their mother. Even when it is known that there may be diseases such as hypertension during pregnancy, we are reluctant to give up the fetus in the abdomen. This is an irrational approach.

If the blood pressure is not controlled before production, it is the most correct approach to stop pregnancy.

1) Hypertension before pregnancy

1 to 5%of pregnant mothers may have hypertension for pregnancy, and the diagnostic standard is BP ≥ 140/90mmgh.

Hypertension may occur before pregnancy, and most of them will continue until 42 days after delivery, accompanied by proteinuria.

2) Pregnancy hypertension

In this case, the inducement of hypertension is pregnancy, and proteinuria may occur or not.

It usually occurs after 20 weeks of pregnancy, and it will return to normal within 40 days of pregnancy.

3) Hypertension before pregnancy and pregnancy hypertension

Hypertension before pregnancy can further deteriorate after the 20th weeks of pregnancy, and will accompany proteinuria. When the protein quantity in the urine exceeds 30g/24h, it belongs to the situation that was once known as "chronic hypertension combined with signsonia".It’s right.

4) Hypertension that cannot be classified before childbirth

Usually appears after the 20th week of pregnancy, accompanied by a systemic manifestation.This situation needs to be re -evaluated based on specific symptoms at the postpartum or after 42 days.

If blood pressure recovers to normal within 42 days of postpartum or postpartum, it should be classified as a pregnancy hypertension, and the phenomenon of proteinuria may be accompanied or unsuccessful.

If the blood pressure has not returned to the normal value during evaluation, it should be considered as a hypertension before pregnancy.

After understanding the relevant knowledge of hypertension during pregnancy, we must pay attention to that hypertension during pregnancy cannot be avoided and cured at all.

In addition to obeying the doctor’s order, pregnant mothers can also try some methods to remedy.

Due to the hypertension and psychological state, social factors, weight and inheritance, usually exercise and other bad living habits, we must start from two aspects of prevention and treatment.

1) Increase the intake of calcium and zinc

The intake of these two trace elements can greatly reduce the onset of hypertension during pregnancy.

Seafood products are rich in calcium and zinc, and also rich in protein. Maternal women are good for themselves and fetuses. In addition, milk and certain soy products can also be appropriately supplemented.

2) Limit the intake of water and salt

Excessive accumulation of water in the body is an important cause of edema. In particular, there are maternal mothers with hypertension symptoms. It is also necessary to reasonably control the intake of moisture and salt.

Do not put salt first when cooking, and sprinkle salt when you are out of the pan;

If there are two or more dishes appear at the same time, ensure that one plate of vegetables can be put in salt;

Try to eat less pickles and pickles, as well as fermented foods such as soda.

3) A intake of sufficient high -quality protein and amino acids

Choose vegetable oil as much as possible when cooking, which contains a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids and will not cause burden on the liver.

In addition, you can also choose fish and protein milk products to supplement high -quality protein.

4) Diverse cooking methods

For example, with a sour taste, the maternal maternal who is relatively heavy at home, try to season with vinegar.

You can also drink some soup appropriately to make simple desserts to ensure diversification of food, which can provide nutrition and make yourself appetite.

Hypertension during pregnancy is not a flood beast. Everyone’s physical condition is different, and the severity of the disease is different.

When you find that you have a tendency to have this disease, you must check in time and understand your physical condition in order to do the next step.

If there is still room for control, you can follow your doctor’s advice and daily diet care. If you are out of control, you must also adhere to the principle of responsibility for yourself and the fetus, and choose to terminate your pregnancy.

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