Why is it easy to "recruit" hemorrhoids during pregnancy?These 5 tricks can not only prevent prevention, but also alleviate

Pregnancy is a sweet and happy thing, but due to the physiological changes brought by pregnancy, it has also brought a lot of small troubles to pregnant women.

Constipation and hemorrhoids are one of the little troubles that cannot be ignored.

Constipation, in a popular sense, poor bowel movements.

Hemorrhoids refer to a disease between the tail of the rectum and the veins of the anus mucosa, a disease that is caused by one or more soft veins caused by the curved.

Under normal circumstances, after the food enters the human body, after digestion, and the transit of the large intestine and rectum, it is excreted from the anus.

For women during pregnancy, due to the physiological changes, it is easy to cause unsatisfactory bowel movements, and even cause constipation or hemorrhoids. The main reasons are as follows:

● During pregnancy, the abdominal pressure of pregnant women increases, and the increase in uterus in the later period causes the lower cavity vein to be increased, which affects the venous return of the lower anal canal of the rectum. Therefore, the hemorrhoidal veins are congested and expanded. Especially when pregnant women have the force, the hemorrhoidal vein is aggravatedThe reflux obstacle causes venous clue and protruding from the anus, forming hemorrhoids.

● The amount of women’s exercise during pregnancy is small, and the secretion of a large amount of progesterone will cause pregnant women to have a slow gastrointestinal motility. The stool stays for a long time and causes the water to be re -absorbed. The stool is dry and constipation.

Therefore, pregnant women are high incidence of hemorrhoids.

The long -term constipation causes hemorrhoids will not only bring discomfort to the stool of pregnant women, but also cause harm to the physiological and psychological of pregnant women.

The common symptoms of hemorrhoids are blood in the stool. Repeated blood in the stool can cause a large amount of iron in the pregnant woman’s body and cause anemia. This will not only affect the health of the pregnant woman itself, but also affect the development of the fetus.Causes miscarriage, premature birth and other results.

So how should pregnant women prevent constipation and hemorrhoids?

Maintain a good habit of living

This not only includes good work and rest habits and eating habits, but also has good bowel habits.During pregnancy, we must pay attention to the balance of dietary intake, increase the intake of dietary fiber and moisture, and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits for convenience.

Keep an appropriate amount of exercise

Promote intestinal peristalsis, but avoid strenuous exercise.

Keep a regular bowel movement

Swelling daily, regular urination, and go to the toilet in time when there is a convenience.Good work and rest habits can also help us maintain good bowel habits and avoid the occurrence of constipation.

Keep a pleasant mood

The pressure of all aspects of pregnancy and their own tension, anxiety and other emotions will affect the normal intestinal function and cause constipation through the nervous system.

If you are anxious, it is easy to cause a vicious circle and aggravate constipation.Therefore, it is important to maintain a good mood.

If there is already constipation or even hemorrhoids, there is no need to be anxious.

We now have surgery of hemorrhoids during pregnancy, but considering that surgery will cause some harm to the human body, we generally use conservative treatment for dietary care intervention:

1. Make a reasonable and balanced diet

Eat more digestible foods and eat less spicy fried irritating food.Eat foods with many dietary fiber, such as celery, bananas and sweet potatoes, and also maintain sufficient water intake.It is recommended that those who have conditions can develop habits. Drink 1 cup of warm honey water on an empty stomach in the morning, and eat an apple or an appropriate amount of dragon fruit before lunch or before dinner.If the bowel movement is really difficult, you can ask the doctor to take a mild laxative medicine later. Do not take laxatives casually to avoid causing premature birth.

2. Keep good bowel habits and make anal cleaning

Periodontal cleaning is performed after and before going to bed every day. It is best to take a warm water bath. It is advisable to promote the blood circulation of perianal perianal for 5-10 minutes.

3. Massage theal and abdomen

After defecation, use toilet paper to press the anus, and massage 15 times clockwise and counterclockwise.Those with conditions can use hot towel instead of toilet paper, which is conducive to promoting blood circulation and reducing hemorrhoids.

4. You can do "anus -lifting" to enhance the muscle strength of the bottom of the pelvis

When doing exercises, keep your mind concentrated, close your thighs, shrink the anal sphincter when inhaling, relax when exhaling, repeat 30 times, and do it 3 times a day.

5. Maintain good living habits

There must be a good regular schedule to avoid staying up late; at the same time, avoid sitting for a long time, you can perform appropriate amount of exercise; avoid moving heavy objects, defecation, cough, etc. to increase abdominal pressure;The left lying position can be adopted to avoid the uterine compression of the large blood vessels. At the same time, the lower limbs can be raised appropriately to promote blood flow.

Mastering the above five points can help reduce and improve constipation and hemorrhoids during pregnancy, to achieve a certain degree of treatment, thereby bringing a more comfortable pregnancy experience to all pregnant mothers.

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