Why is pregnancy dizzy?How much do you know about these 4 common reasons?

Xiaoxin is a expectant mother who has been pregnant for 2 months. Recently, dizziness and weakness often appear. Xinma was worried that her physical condition would affect the baby in the belly, so she asked the Internet, but the results they got were different.Make Xinma very troublesome.

Indeed, there are different opinions about the various discomforts of pregnant women, so we can answer most of the quasi -mother’s dizziness and what are the solutions.

There are 4 common causes of dizziness during pregnancy:

1. Hypoglycemia

The increase in blood sugar needed by the body after pregnancy, and the accelerated metabolism will make the insulin level in the blood high, resulting in low blood sugar in pregnant women.Therefore, dizziness, palpitations, weak limbs, cold sweat and so on.In addition, if you eat less and have pregnancy, you will also replenish your body and not consume, and aggravate the symptoms of dizziness.

Countermeasure: Pay special attention to nutrition in daily diet. Breakfast can eat more protein foods, such as milk, eggs, meat porridge, etc.In addition, when you go out, you can bring appropriate energy supplement with small biscuits to avoid dizziness.

2. hypotension

The cause of hypotension is that the placenta is formed in the early and in the middle of pregnancy. The placenta will diverter the body of the body, leading to insufficient blood supply to the head and limbs, and there is symptoms such as dizziness, dazzling, cold, and fatigue.This situation usually occurs during 2-3 months of pregnancy, and it will gradually return to normal in the second trimester.

Countermeasure: Usually get up slowly after getting up and sitting for a long time, so as not to cause the brain to suddenly insufficient blood supply; when you feel dizzy, you can drink plenty of boiled water, which can increase the blood capacity of the body; you should sit down and rest immediately when dizziness.

3. Separate syndrome

The uterus in the evening of pregnancy will increase, which will press the heart to move to the left upper left. Among them, the vein of blood supply to the heart will be oppressed, and the blood supply to the heart will become less, resulting in symptoms such as brain ischemia, hypoxia, etc., and dizziness and other symptoms.This situation is particularly easy to occur during supine, and symptoms will be alleviated when standing.

Countermeasures: Normally keep sitting as much as possible. If you are tired, you can choose to lie on the side or take a walk. In short, try to avoid supine to prevent the uterus compressing the heart and cause insufficient blood supply.

4. Physiological anemia

At about 6 weeks of pregnancy, the blood volume of the body began to increase, and the blood supplement was not timely, which would lead to a reduction in the amount of red blood cells in the blood and relatively diluted, thereby forming a physiological anemia.At this time, the organs and metabolism of the body and the body of the pregnant mother need a large amount of iron. Once there is insufficient supply, dizziness and weakness will occur.

There are many reasons for dizziness during pregnancy, such as pregnancy hypertension syndrome, mental fatigue and some psychological factors.What pregnant mothers should do to pay attention to their own care and psychological changes, maintain an optimistic mentality and sufficient nutrition, and wait for the baby to come.


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