Why is pregnancy prone to edema?With these 4 methods, it can effectively relieve and improve edema

Pregnancy is a happy thing. Pregnant women will also pay special attention to pregnant women during pregnancy. After entering in the middle and late pregnancy, many will find that their feet are swollen.It affects.Many pregnant women are doubtful why they have edema during pregnancy?Whether there is a way to prevent or relieve it. In fact, these methods can be adopted to slow the discomfort.

According to statistical data, about 80%of pregnant women in healthy pregnant women have the swelling of legs and feet during pregnancy. This is physiological changes and do not need to worry too much. It is mainly due to changes in the body hormone during pregnancy. As the placental secretion hormones continue to increase, the increased increase in the placenta has increased.Water and sodium stay too much in the body, and the uterus continuously expands during pregnancy to cause pelvic and lower limb veins to be oppressed, causing blood circulation to be affected, which will cause leg swelling. Most pregnant women will start after 28 weeks of pregnancy.And edema, and the phenomenon of edema increases as weeks will be more obvious.

1. Take more rest

During pregnancy, due to physical fatigue, and the swelling uterus will make the pregnant woman’s inconvenient movement, standing for a long time will cause the lower limb edema to increase. You should move your feet appropriately and let yourself rest more, and keep the blood circulation of the lower limbs smoothly.

2. Control the diet

The daily salt intake cannot exceed 6 grams. Try to keep the low salt and a light diet, and the intake of the protein is sufficient. At the same time, it must be supplemented with sufficient vitamins to avoid excessive intake of high -fat and high -calorie foods.Blind intake not only increases weight, but also causes edema seriously.

Third, pay attention to posture while sleeping

Pay attention to the posture of your feet while resting or sleeping. Improper posture will cause the blood circulation to be poor and cause the edema to increase. You can raise your legs to put a quilt or pillow belowA stool is raised to the lower limbs under the feet, and you should pay attention to taking the left side position as much as possible when you sleep, which can prevent the lower limb blood vessels from being compressed and then help the blood circulation smooth.

Fourth, take medicine

If edema is severely and seriously affects walking, you can take diuretic drugs under the guidance of a doctor to help excrete your body moisture and relieve edema.

Warm reminder that pregnant women’s edema during pregnancy is more common, so don’t worry too much, but it should be noted that although most edema is physiological, some edema is caused by the body’s presence of pregnancy complications. ThereforeExcluding whether there are pregnancy hypertension or other problems, avoid diseases affect the development of the fetus, and cause the body of pregnant women to be harmed.

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