Why is the gums bleeding after pregnancy?3 methods to deal with

Many women are facing gum bleeding problems after pregnancy. From time to time, the gums are red and swollen and painful. The gum bleeding problem improves after giving birth. This is the symptom of gingivitis.Without sufficient attention, it may develop into severe periodontitis and increase the risk of premature birth.

Why are pregnant women who are prone to bleeding gums?

After pregnancy, due to the influence of progesterone and estrogen, the capillaries of the teeth will be congested and expanded, the brittleness increases, and bleeding is prone to occur.After pregnancy, vitamin C and trace elements are prone to. At night, saliva secretion is reduced, reducing the scouring effect of the oral cavity, and bleeding in gums.There are also some pregnant women with pregnancy gum tumors. There are benign small masses on the gums, and bleeding can be ruptured when brushing their teeth. In this case, don’t worry too much, nor will it cause any harm to the body.In addition, women’s saliva will become acidic after pregnancy, which can corrode teeth and form dental caries, increasing the chance of suffering from dental caries and gingivitis.

How to deal with gum bleeding during pregnancy?

1. Pay attention to oral cleaning

Pay attention to oral hygiene during pregnancy, brush your teeth every morning and evening, and you should not brush your teeth for less than 5 minutes. Make sure that you can brush each side of your teeth. Choose a soft -haired and small toothbrush. Try not to touch the gums when brushing your teeth.Brushing teeth can prevent food debris from being crowded in the seams of the teeth, otherwise the food is sour to produce food, destroying the gum epitidum and causing gingivitis and bleeding.

2. Eat more vegetables and fruits

Usually eat more vitamin C, vitamin D, and B vitamins and dietary fiber vegetables, fruits and fruits and coarse grains. They often do teeth exercise. At the same time, gently massage gums can promote local blood circulation and enhance the solid of the teeth.In addition, high protein and high -calcium foods, such as dairy mushrooms, meat, fish and beans and kelp.After each meal and snacks, you should rinse your mouth in time. You can use light saline, mouthwash or warm water. You can timely wash the residue of the mouth and teeth in time to reduce the risk of oral infection.

3. Try to use an electric toothbrush

It is recommended that pregnant women choose an electric toothbrush to clean the teeth. At the same time, it can also massage the tooth bed to enhance the health of the tooth bed.Eat less sticky candy or dessert, otherwise it will remain in the swollen gum gaps, causing gum bleeding and pain.

Kind tips

Many factors that cause bleeding gums during pregnancy are divided into physiological and pathological. The fetus in the middle of pregnancy is stable. You can choose a regular hospital for oral examination. When you find tooth problems, targeted treatment.During pregnancy, you can chew gum without sugar, which can promote saliva secretion, reduce acidic substances in the oral cavity, and reduce the chance of tooth decay.Pay attention to nutritional balance during the entire pregnancy, try to drink less carbonated drinks or sugary drinks as possible, so as not to cause the teeth to be acidic.

Source: Huashang Daily

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