Why is there a problem of fallopian tubes?In these 4 aspects, check it well

Washing tubal blockage is a common factor that leads to infertility in women, that is, the existence of this problem, which leads to many women extremely difficult on the road of seeking child.Washing tube blockage is not terrible, as long as active treatment is healed.Find the cause of fallopian tube blocking before treatment, so that there will be reference when formulating a treatment plan.

1. Fallopian tube adhesion

Fallopian tube adhesion is an important cause of fallopian tube blockage. Sometimes it is caused by artificial abortion without care in place, and sometimes it is caused by inflammatory diseases such as appendicitis.This type of fallopian tube blocking can be regulated by traditional Chinese medicine methods, which has a good treatment effect.

2. Inflammation

Some inflammation can also cause fallopian tube blockage, common in chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, attachment inflammation, etc.If it is caused by inflammation, there is a more obvious symptom of fallopian tube blocking, which is abdominal pain.If it is not treated in time, it will affect women’s fertility. Even if you are pregnant successfully, the chance of ectopic pregnancy is relatively high.

3. Congenital reasons

Some women’s fallopian tubes are blocked by congenital factors.Some women are in congenital fallopian tubes, and some women are defined by congenital fallopian tubes. These problems will cause women’s fallopian tubes and affect women’s fertility.

4. The fallopian tube is squeezed

Sometimes women’s fallopian tubes do not communicate because they are squeezed.For example, if the sac is squeezed or squeezed by the fat, the fallopian tube is blocked.Pay attention to the management of weight on weekdays, and do regular physical examinations to avoid this problem as much as possible.

1. Take contraception measures in life

One thing is very important for all women of childbearing age, that is to take contraceptive measures.There must be contraceptives without pregnancy. You must not have a chance. You must use the correct contraceptive method. Do not choose the contraceptive method with a high failure rate.The reason why contraceptive measures are mainly to avoid abortion, because the flow of people is an important reason for the blocked fallopian tube.

2. Pay attention to the hygiene of private parts

Women must develop good hygiene habits in daily life, especially the hygiene habits of private parts.Because many gynecological inflammation can cause fallopian tube blockage, if you want to prevent fallopian tubes, you must first prevent the occurrence of these gynecological inflammation. The hygiene of the private parts must be done to prevent the breeding of pathogens such as bacteria.

3. Regular gynecological examination

Women should go to the hospital regularly for gynecological examinations. Not only can they find out the inflammatory tube in time, but they can also find some inflammation as soon as possible.Do not ignore these small inflammation. If small inflammation is not treated in time, it will have a great impact.

4. Choose a healthy method

If women should protect their fertility, they must choose a healthy lifestyle, including diet, including work and rest, as well as ordinary life.Life must continue, take the initiative to choose health and plan ahead.

The fallopian tube is blocked by many women on the road of pregnancy. If there is a fallopian tube blocking, don’t be too nervous, go to a regular hospital for effective treatment.If you do n’t have a good treatment effect, do n’t worry too much. You can get your pregnancy through test tube babies or internal fertilization. There is always a way.

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