Why is there no father?

Why is there no father?

A Yuan

The sage has no accurate topic without a father. To be precise, it should be the saints in the early ancient times, and most of them have no father.

Why do the saints in ancient society do not have no father?

The scene described in the Bronze Age may give a true explanation.

At that time, the carnival was popular, and a special solar terms were selected, such as the spring equinox. Shennong organized everyone to go to the suburbs, and on the side of the hot spring, engage in holiday carnival.There are also fixes in some ancient rock paintings: many men and women, make each other with naked, and the reproductive organs are painted. Not far next to them are the sheep cows they bring.The owners and animals both gained the joy of ancient life.This is the "outskirts of the countryside" of the Stone Age. As a custom, it has been preserved, and it can be seen in the southwestern region of our country.Some young men and women in the Southwest Naxi tribe meet at the festivals.A nearby village, men and women who know and do not know, all come here, Happy Plies.Some young and beautiful men and girls find good objects from here.A group of men and women took off their clothes when they were full and drinking, sitting in the water pond playing, and when they met each other, they went ashore to love and love.Although all couples are close at hand, they do not hinder each other. They can even exchange partners.

The collective wildness of Happy Valley is an ancient ancestor. When you do not know what marriage is, in order to solve the need to solve the needs of sexuality and realize the success of the passage.At that time, there was no marriage. Girls in ancient times were mixed with many men inside and outside the clan. As a result, the children who gave birth did not know who should be called father.This is what Zhuangzi said, "When Shen Nong, the people knew their mother and did not know their father."

There is nothing worthy of fuss, but do not imitate children!At that time, this was the case in all places. Many of the "heroes" in ancient Greek mythology were also mother and no father.Their mother is the beauty of the world, and the father is a fairy who often picks up girls in Zeus or Apollo, showing a lot of so -called "heroes" with beautiful girls on the world.

This custom continued. Even after the later Da Zhou Dynasty, the official "Zhou Li" also stipulated that the "Happy Valley" was a national activity and encouraged participation. The location was often selected in Sanglin.Ancient Sanglin was a modern red light district.

The above text is quoted from "Fern in the Bronze Age".

Therefore, the phenomenon of "killing infants" at that time was to kill the eldest son.After getting married, the birth of the eldest baby is often killed by her husband. As a beast, it is used on sacrifice, which not only pleases the gods and solves the husband’s distress (cannot indeed be the child’s own).(The Bible also has the story of killing the eldest son to please God.)

Because of the maternity clan society, because the patriarchal clan society still retained some traditions of the matriarchal clan society in the early days, at that time, I only knew who was quite normal.

But such a normal thing has become a large and small pit in history, and the face of a large number of horses is all. In the end, when you look at Chinese history, you will find that most saints in ancient China really have no father.(Or only a nominal father)

The first among the saints without a father, the second place in the three emperors -Fuxi, the inventor of Fuxi gossip, can be found, and the earliest first person without dad.

Fuxi’s birth is very legendary, and its weirdness is no less than that of Sun Wukong.

One day, Fuxi’s mother, Hua Yingshi, saw a large footprint, so she curiously stretched her feet into comparison.If you say curious to killing cats, in fact, curiosity can not only kill cats but also make women have children.Because Hua Yi’s foot stretched his feet into this big footprint, the result was "pregnant", which was pregnant, and after twelve years, he gave birth to Fuxi, a child without a father!

There is no such content in Sima Qian’s "Historical Records". Fuxi has no father’s deeds.This is what Jin Huangfu’s "Emperor’s Century" said: "Emperor Taihao’s sacrifice, the surname of the wind, and the giants of the people of the people, the giant traces of Lei Ze.Fuxi Yu Chengji. "Similar records are Wang Jia’s" Pickup ":" The Emperor of the Spring Emperor, the nickname of sacrificing.For a long time, Fang Die, that is, I feel pregnant, and I have been sacrificed for twelve years. "And Tang Sima Zhen’s" Historical Records of the Three Emperors ":" Taizhenbao sacrifice, the wind surname, and the replacement of the people.The mother said Huayi, and the big man traces of the man in Rayze, and the birth is sacrificed in Chengji.

These classical Chinese look very strenuous, we will not translate one by one.The rough meaning is the story of curiosity that can give birth to children.Of course, the difference between Wang Jia’s "Remaining" in the Eastern Jin Dynasty was a bit different. It was a blue rainbow hooligan and entangled Fuxi’s mother. As a result, I was pregnant … (Here I solemnly reminded all kinds of women to watch, please to suppressYour curiosity, otherwise, if you have a child, you ca n’t tell you, you ca n’t find the Lord even for DNA identification!)

Although the above records were not reorganized by Sima Qian, the compilation of these horses can definitely learn from Sima Qian.This is because of curiosity or behavior such as stepping on footprints, and can conceive children, the invention right in the twenty -four history belongs to Sima Qian.

In "Historical Records", Sima Qian told almost the same story as Fuxi’s mother."Zhou Benji" said this: "Zhou Houyi, abandoned. His mother has a daughter of the family, saying that Jiang Yuan. Jiang Yuan is Emperor Yuan Fei. Jiang Yuan out of the wild, see the giant trace, Xin Ran said, wantingPractice. Practice it, like a pregnant person.

It means that the ancestor of the Zhou Dynasty’s ancestor Houyi was called Jiang Yuan, and she was also a curious baby.There is nothing to do in the ancient society. There is no street or a teahouse to chat.Ms. Jiang Yuan was really boring, so she walked blindly in the wild, and found a huge footprint.If it is a modern woman, seeing such a large, non -human footprint, it is estimated that he will think of aliens, and he will definitely scream and escape.But the human beings in the original state are quite simple. When I saw the big foot printing, I was happy, so I compared my feet.Such a comparison, bad things.Ms. Jiang Yuan felt gurgling in her stomach and had more things.After ten months, I gave birth to a child.This child is Houyi.

After many girls are unmarried and have children, they often throw their children into the toilet (of course, there are still directly strangling. This also proves that mother love is not so great.Vulgar), Ms. Jiang Yuan also hated this unknown child, so she threw him into a small alley.But the miracle happened. This child was not only hungry.Jiang Yuan was very angry and the consequences were very serious.First, I wanted to throw this unlucky child into the woods to feed the wolf, but too many people hunting did not succeed; so I put the child on the ice of the canal again, I frozen you!

As a result, a miracle happened again, and a large group of birds flew, some lying directly on the ice to give the child as a cushion, and some covered the child as a quilt.Not only did the child not frozen, but the sleeping of the birds was more comfortable than in his mother’s arms.

Jiang Yuan thinks this is too strange, is God not let me throw this child!So he hugged the child back and named him abandoned.It means a bastard child who wants to throw but cannot be thrown.

After abandoning, Yao was named the Minister of Agriculture (farmer), and was responsible for agricultural production nationwide at that time. It was called Houyi.It is said that he was the first person to plant (Xiaomi) and wheat in ancient China, and was respected as the ancestor of farming.Houyi uses Ji as the surname. His descendant Ji Chang is King Zhou Wen.

It is a bit different from the topics of Houyi and Houyi, and the topics of this chapter are a bit different, because although Houyi is the founder of Chinese farming production, it has not been included in the ranks of the sage, so although he has no father, it is not us for usThe most concerned.We are concerned about Houyi’s theoretical brothers, Tang Yao, the greatest saint in ancient China.

It is said that Tang Yao is the theoretical brother of Houyi, because they have a common, of course, they are also theoretical pro -father Emperor.

Emperor Yan was a great figure in ancient China and ranked third among the Five Emperors.

It was also because Emperor was a great figure, so when Sima Qian wrote in his part in "Historical Records", he also shot a fart, saying that he would speak as soon as he was born, and spoke his name.("Historical Records-Five Emperor’s Ben Ji": Gao Xin is born to the gods, saying his name.)

When you say a life, you will talk about it immediately, and it is estimated that no one will have an opinion.Because except the gods, no one can do it.

The emperor was named Gao Xin. He began to assist Emperor Xun at the age of fifteen and succeeded at the age of 30.It is said that as long as there is a place where the wind and rain are blowing and the sun and the moon are shining, people obey his lessons, so he is respected as Emperor Yan (Nian Cool).

This cool emperor also has a cool thing, that is, his children are unknown.It is said that he has four wives, and the head of the head is Ms. Jiang Yuan, the big wife, the big wife.Shortly after Jiang Yuan claimed that he could be pregnant with a child, his second wife ran to tell him a story again.The story of the second wife told the story of the emperor: she and two female companions went to the pond to take a bath and saw the swallow throwing a bird egg from the air.The second wife wondered, isn’t this a piece of pie in the sky?So he opened his mouth and pushed it, and the bird egg gurgled, dropped her belly, and became pregnant.

Sure enough, it’s greedy and cheap!

Although we can’t see it, we can guess that the emperor was repeatedly brought a green hat by his wife, and it must be furious.But I don’t know what the reason is. Emperor Yan actually gave up the power of anger and his interests. He neither divorced nor killed his wife, but ignored it.As a result, the child of the second wife was also raised by the emperor, and was later known as "Zi Qi" -the can also care about his son’s son.This child deed is also called deed. He is the ancestor of the businessman, and it should also belong to the ranks of the saints.

However, the tree wants to be quiet and the wind is more windy. When the 94th age of Emperor Emperor, his third wife came to tell him stories again. To be precise, this time, even a story and a grand reasons have gone.Just hold a child directly.Emperor’s faint old eyes, looking at the young, embarrassing wife, and the baby crying in the cradle -the little guy was so eye -catching.This unknown son was named "Fangxun" by him, and let his mother take it away.

Whoever is Xun Xun may not know, but when it comes to Yao, everyone is quite familiar.They said that Fangxun was a wild species, not a child who came from the right way. Is it discredit to others?

First of all, there are books.According to "Song Book · Fu Rui Zhi": "(Yao) Mother said Qingdu, born in the field of Douwei, often Huang Yun covered it. Long, watch in Sanhe, often with dragons.In the end, the text should be said: ‘also affected by God.’ The eyebrows are eight, and they must be seven -foot two inches long.The shape of Shengyao in Danling is as shown in the figure. The long, ten feet long, with Shengde, sealed in Tang. Dream climbing the sky.

It means that after Yao’s mother was born, there was a yellow cloud in the sky. I don’t know if it was the result of the pollution of the atmosphere. This is not important.The important thing is the mother of Yao Yao, this woman is not ordinary.This unusual woman grew up, and a dragon always followed her, and gave her a piece of paper, which reads "Also with Tianyou".After a long time with the dragon, Yao’s mother had an improper relationship with Long. After fifteen months of pregnancy, she gave birth to Yao.

This reminds people of a story in the West.The king of Philip II of the Macedonian Kingdom in northern Greece married Olympias as a daughter -in -law. Because of the dispute, the latter returned to her mother’s house for a long time, but after returning, she became pregnant, which is Alexander.Philip II did not believe that this was her own child. Olympias explained that she dreamed that Zeus kissed him while resting on the way back and resting under a tree, so she was pregnant.See how close the ancient China and foreign explanations of such things.

This description is not necessarily true, but Comrade Fanxun really does not seem to be the son of Emperor.According to orthodox historical records, Yao was twenty -year -old as Decede and became the chief of the tribe.Prior to Yaolden, his elder brother became the chief of the nine years.In other words, when the emperor died, Yao was just eleven years old.Comrade Emperor Emperor was a long -lived elderly and lived 105 years old (Jixu Huangfu said: Emperor Emperor is 70 years old, 100 years old).105 minus 9 is equal to 96 years old.The fourteenth month of pregnancy is about 94 years old.A child born at the age of 94, the biggest probably the result of the old man was wearing a green hat.

It was also when Comrade Emperor Yao Yao was too old and was very weak.That’s why there is a story about what Yao’s mother -in -law is writing, to prove that although Yao’s origin is not very clean (Isn’t it adultery with dragons), but it is absolutely orthodox.Long’s son, do you dare to say unlicensed?

In ancient China, there were too many children with unknown origin. Of course, most of them could be remembered in history. Of course, most of them were saints.No name, even if you are a hybrid, no one cares about you.

We have said that some ancient saints did not have dads. As for why, please continue to pay attention to "History, please pay attention".

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