Why is there no pregnancy in the ovulation period of "Shaanxi Tianlun Infertility Hospital"?The reason may be it

In our lives, when the husband and wife want children, they often choose the same room during ovulation.However, some couples will appear, but they are not pregnant with ovulation.So why is there an infertility of ovulation? What are the causes of infertility during ovulation? Today, I will introduce to everyone one by one, and at the same time tell everyone how to get pregnant quickly.

For most people, pregnancy is easy, but some people are difficult to get pregnant.Even when there is ovulation, it is difficult to get pregnant. What is the reason for this?

Ovarian factors

Ovarian factors induced non -pregnancy accounted for 15% to 25%, such as congenital non -ovarian or premature ovarian ovary, polycystic ovary syndrome, certain ovarian tumors can affect the secretion and ovulation of ovarian hormones.The impact of the centrality

Hulkortal pituitary, ovarian endocrine disorders, pituitary tumors or scars can cause ovarian dysfunction and infertility; mental factors such as mental stress or excessive anxiety can affect the pituitary ovary ovarian axis and inhibit ovulation.Tubal factors

Women have a certain relationship with the fallopian tubes.Because if the fallopian tube is blocked, it will cause sperm and eggs to be unable to meet, so women cannot get pregnant.Systemic disease

Systemic diseases, such as severe malnutrition or lack of some important nutritional factors in diet, can affect ovarian function and cause infertility; chronic diseases and metabolic diseases, such as thyroid dysfunction or excessive diabetes, adrenal dysfunction, can also beInfertility.Cervical factors

Women have an ovulation and infertility. It may be caused by cervical disease factors.It is the most important cause of infertility, accounting for about 10%to 20%of infertility.Due to the low level of chronic cervicitis or estrogen, cervical mucus varieges sticky or contains a large amount of leukopenia, which is not conducive to sperm activity and passage, which can affect conception.Sperm through cervical stenosis may also be infertility.Vaginal vaginal factors

If there is no birth defect, such as vaginal diaphragm, vaginal congenital no vagina, may hinder the life of the couple, vaginal inflammation, a large amount of white blood cells will devour sperm, reduce sperm vitality, shorten the survival time, affect the pregnancy uterine factors

Infertility caused by uterine factors accounts for 10% 15% of the uterine front angle and 10% of the cervical rear infertility.If the uterus is tilted back and backwards, the movement of the cervix forward may affect conception. If the ovaries do not have enough progesterone, the endometrial reaction is not good. If the uterus does not develop normally, if there is endometritis, if there is endometritis,Subcidial uterine fibroids may affect the bed of pregnancy eggs.other factors

After systematic inspections, about 10% of men and women have not found an important cause of infertility. In recent years, people believe that it is related to immune factors.Anti -sperm antibodies exist in the serum of some infertile women.These antibodies can condense with semen.For example, these infertile couples use condoms for a period of time to disappear and get pregnant.

In short, there are many reasons why women have an inaccurate ovulation. If there are normal ovulation, they have been inaccurate, and they cannot always be entangled in a certain cause.Essence

Why is there an inaccurate during ovulation? Pregnancy is actually a very complicated physiological process.Therefore, there will be many obstacles in this process, which is the cause of infertility.There are generally the following reasons for infertility.

Severe malnutrition

Or the lack of some important nutritional factors in the diet can affect ovarian function and infertility.Chronic diseases, metabolic diseases such as thyroid dysfunction or hyperthyroidism, diabetes, and adrenal dysfunction can also lead to infertility.Female spiritual factors

For example, mental tension or excessive anxiety, it can affect the hypothalamus -the pituitary ovarian axis -inhibit ovulation and cause infertility.Female ovarian local factors

For example, ovarian tumors such as congenital ovarian lack or immature ovarian, premature ovarian failure, polycystic ovary syndrome, ovarian cancer, ovarian female cell tumor can affect the secretion and ovulation of ovarian hormones.The influence of women’s centrality

Hentacle, hypothalamus, ovarian endocrine disorders, pituitary tumors or scars can cause ovarian dysfunction and infertility.Check before pregnancy and understand your cycle. Do not worry about the best position of pregnancy. After love love, lying down and love immediately, do n’t cultivate a healthy lifestyle too frequently

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