Why should I eat less sweets in the third trimester?Related to the baby’s growth and development, pregnant mothers should pay attention to

A pregnant mother found Mommy two days ago, and asked:

"Do you have to eat less sweets in the third trimester? For more than 7 months of pregnancy, I have loved desserts recently. I must eat a small piece of cake every afternoon to feel enjoyable.Will it cause the child to be bad, is it true? "

Many expectant mothers prefer sweets in the third trimester, and Mommy was also at the beginning.This is not a big problem, it is just a normal pregnancy taste change.

But for the special group of expectant mothers, sweets are not friendly, and occasionally it is okay to eat some solution.

But if the pregnant mother mentioned at the beginning of the article must eat every day, it may really be a problem.

The "cost" of prefers sweets in the third trimester

Gestational diabetes

After pregnancy, due to the impact of hormones in the body, the body’s metabolic sugar function will deteriorate, and blood sugar is easy to be unstable.If expectant mothers take too much sweets during pregnancy, it will undoubtedly increase the burden on the body, trigger the blood glucose crisis, and gestational diabetes will slowly come to the door.


If the expectant mother eats too much sweets, the sugar concentration in the blood rises, and then the large amount of sugar is transported to the fetus through the placenta to make the baby grow huge.

The huge child will not only increase the risk of childbirth, but the baby’s health will also be greatly affected, and hypoglycemia is prone to hypoglycemia.

Calcium deficiency

In addition, excessive intake of sweets can easily cause calcium deficiency in pregnant moms, which can even lead to osteoporosis.Because sugar consumes a lot of calcium during metabolism.

Sweets are a "sweet trap" for pregnant mothers, and it is best to stay away.

However, as Mommy, the person who comes here also knows that there is a kind of obsession with food during pregnancy. If you ca n’t eat what you want to eat, you will not only always think about it, but also uncomfortable.What should I do if I want to eat sweets during the third trimester?

So what should I do if pregnant mothers want to eat sweets in the third trimester?

Eat less

Just eat a little bit of solution. When Mommy wants to eat cakes in the third trimester, you will buy a small piece. After eating two mouthfuls, you give your husband.

As long as it is not consumed and causes additional burden on the body, the problem is still not big.

Don’t eat on an empty stomach

During the empty stomach, the absorption of sugar is the best, so it is best not to eat sweets during the empty stomach, and it is best to put it after meals or between two meals.

In addition, it is easy to take a lot of intake in an empty stomach.

eat slowly

The faster the sweets eat, the faster the blood sugar rises, making the calories more unable to consume, and staying in the body and turning into fat.So you must be slow when eating sweets.

To what extent?You can refer to the speed of eating biscuits in "Living Life".

Diet taboos in the third trimester

In addition to not eating more sweets in the third trimester, you should pay more attention to the following aspects in your diet: diverse diet to ensure nutritional balance.After entering the third trimester, the growth of the fetus’s growth and development of nutrition has further increased. At this time, pregnant moms should pay attention to the diversification of diet, and pay attention to the supplementation of nutrients such as high -quality protein, crickets, calcium, and vitamins.Continue calcium supplementation.The third trimester is an important stage of fetal bones and teeth calcification. Calcium supplementation is an important task at this stage of pregnant mummy.Control heat intake.High -sugar and high -fat foods, pregnant moms should eat less, have low nutritional value, and high calories are not conducive to weight growth control.

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