Will "会 会" be pregnant?This problem is really doubtful

With the opening of ideas, more and more women have pre -marital sex, and most women do not understand the knowledge of sexual life. Many women do not know how to take contraceptive measures during sexual life. There are also some women.Because it is easy to be deceived by men.Some men will coax women before they have sex with women who will not enter the vaginal mouth. It will not cause pregnancy. It is also this excuse that many women will get pregnant unexpectedly.Therefore, women should pay attention to the statement of being unable to get pregnant.

Generally speaking, pregnancy is a male sperm and a woman’s eggs in the fallopian tube to become a fertilized egg, and the fertilized eggs develop in the uterine cavity through the fallopian tube.Successful encounters and entering the uterus smoothly, so it is not easy for women to get pregnant. It is not that they will be pregnant after sexual life.

However, some women think that men need ejaculation to meet the body in the body and meet the eggs before they can succeed in conceiving. Therefore, men’s rubbing at the vaginal mouth does not allow themselves to get pregnant.Because men will secrete the prostate fluid because of their sexual desire, the prostate fluid also contains a small amount of sperm. Once these sperm entering the vagina, women will be pregnant.

In addition, some men will have ejaculation after rubbing the vaginal mouth, and the in vitro ejaculation also has a certain chance of pregnancy. Once the male sperm enters the female body through the vagina, it may make women pregnantYou will not make yourself pregnant, especially some young women who are younger. At this stage, women’s body has a healthier egg and strong pregnancy ability, which is easier for themselves to get pregnant unexpectedly.

It can be seen that women must take contraceptive measures when conducting sexual life, and they must understand the usual ways of contraception.Tang Wei, deputy chief physician of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Guangzhou First People’s Hospital, said in an interview that for young people, choosing contraceptive methods should pay attention, and will not damage their own fertility.Short -acting contraceptives, if there is no fertility requirements for the time being and the frequency of sexual life is not very high, you can take oral contraceptives. If you choose a condom, you must use a contraceptive case from the beginning when you carry out sexual life.Wear condoms when you want to ejaculate, so it is easy to cause contraceptive failure.

In general, women usually understand some sexual knowledge, especially in terms of contraception. If they are young and sexual life, they must take contraceptive measures. Only by taking contraceptive measures can we avoidI am pregnant by myself, preventing unexpected pregnancy from impact and harm to my body and life.

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