Will "menstruation" in early pregnancy?If these cases have occurred, it is proved that the essence has been bed

Many pregnant mothers have various symptoms in the early days of pregnancy, such as pregnancy vomiting, delayed menstruation, and high body temperature. These are several common manifestations of pregnancy. Many women will judge whether they are pregnant based on these standards.However, some women are pregnant, but they will bleed, which makes pregnant mothers very worried that there will be any problems with the fetus.So, will menstruation come in early pregnancy?

In fact, this is a symptom of fertilized eggs with bed bleeding, and it will also be accompanied by the lower abdomen spasm.This situation is called "fertilized eggs in bed bleeding" and "pain in bed!".There is no need to worry too much about women who have such symptoms, because this is a signal that the fertilized egg through the women’s uterine wall on the uterine wall.

1. Little abdomen falling pain

If you have the same room in the same time during ovulation, a little abdomen pain occurs after a week or two, first consider whether it is stomachache or dysmenorrhea.If both are eliminated, then you are pregnant.Because when the fertilized eggs are in bed, the abdomen will feel painful, and if the fertilized eggs are bed, it means that you are pregnant.Therefore, if you feel this feeling during pregnancy, you can basically determine that you are pregnant.

2. Breast pain

After fertilized eggs, women will also feel breast pain. This is because the estrogen in women’s body is unstable, and the time is low and low, which will affect women’s breasts and cause pain. Generally, this situation will be.Continue until pregnancy for 2-3 months.

3. Feeling tired

A large amount of lutein (a hormone) will make you feel exhausted.If you get a lot of rest and do not feel too heavy for any reason, you still feel abnormally exhausted, then it may be caused by pregnancy.Almost all pregnant women are suffering from this symptom. You can observe other symptoms to determine your doubts.

4. Frequent toilet

After the fertilized eggs are bed in the uterine wall, the fluffy glands (HCG) began to secrete.This will stimulate your frequent urination, so you will increase the frequency of the original toilet.Therefore, if you urinate more frequently and the cause is unknown, or suddenly constipation without any intestinal problems before, then you may be pregnant.

The above content is about the feelings of fertilized eggs in bed. If you also have these feelings after ovulation, you may be pregnant. You should check the pregnancy test stick in time. You can also check it through the B -ultrasound.It will be higher.

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