Will "seeing red during pregnancy" really have a miscarriage?Reminder: There are no need to worry about these situations!The baby is very good

Bleeding during pregnancy may be one of the most worried about expectant mothers during pregnancy.In people’s consciousness, bleeding during pregnancy is always accompanied by abortion.

But in fact, bleeding during pregnancy does not always mean the worst thing.

Here are some small knowledge about bleeding during pregnancy. I hope to help expectant mothers who are confused. You should know about the relevant information about bleeding during pregnancy and when to see a doctor.

▶ If you bleed in the early stages of pregnancy, the first thing you need to do is not panic!Bleeding or blood -colored secretions during pregnancy does not mean that there is a miscarriage.

Bleeding may also occur with a healthy pregnancy.In fact, many women experience some form of bleeding during pregnancy, especially in the early stages of pregnancy.Almost a quarter of the expectant mothers will bleed the first three months of pregnancy, but the number of people who will cause miscarriage is only a small part.

Vaginal bleeding during pregnancy does not mean the occurrence of abortion, and some pregnancy bleeding may be normal.

① One of the most common causes of bleeding is the "lag time" before the placenta.

The placenta is usually formed at about 12 weeks of pregnancy. Prior to this, the ovarian release of the ovaries provided hormone support for pregnancy, which may cause bleeding during early pregnancy.If you just find a bloody secretion or find a little blood when wiping, it is not a big deal. The expectant mothers do not need to be particularly anxious.

② Bleeding in the middle and late pregnancy may also have different causes, which will not cause miscarriage.For example, the stimulation of the cervix, or the growth of the cervix, and the cervical polyps may cause minor bleeding.This kind of bleeding usually does not last long, and the amount of bleeding is very small.

★ But mild bleeding in the late pregnancy, especially if it is accompanied by mucus -like secretions at the same time, may also be signs of premature birth.

Although bleeding during pregnancy does not necessarily mean abortion, continuous bleeding at any time during pregnancy should attract the attention of expectant mothers and need to seek medical treatment at any time to prevent more serious situations.If you are bleeding, please follow the steps below:

Pay attention to the start time of bleeding and memories that may cause any activity of bleeding.Place a sanitary napkin on the underwear (do not use sanitary cotton strips!) To absorb.Because the doctor may ask you after admission, using the number of pads to measure the amount of bleeding.Be sure to pay attention to the color of the blood. Your doctor may need to know whether it is bright red or brown.When waiting for a doctor to diagnose and treat, try to sit as much as possible, don’t move too much.Observe whether you have other symptoms, such as contraction, back pain, nausea, vision changes, or reduction of baby activity.

These contents are some small knowledge and precautions about bleeding during pregnancy. I hope that these contents can help expectant mothers with peace of mind and no longer "see blood" color changes.

I wish each expectant mother who can make a healthy and smart baby smoothly!

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