Will artificial abortion experience lead to premature birth?How should I prevent it?

The influential forward -looking queue study prematurely refers to those who have been calculated from the last menstrual period of the pregnant woman and have less than 37 weeks or 259 days of pregnancy.

According to global data, in 2014, there were about 14.44 million premature birth, and the incidence rate was about 10.6%.According to relevant data in 2016, the number of premature deaths accounted for approximately 16%of all children under 5 years of age.

The number of premature babies in my country ranks second in the world, with a premature birth rate of 7%-15%.According to data from the 2019 China Health and Health Statistical Yearbook, premature birth is not only the most common cause of the death of newborns around the world, but also the second common cause of death under 5 years of age.

And survive the risk of chronic diseases in premature babies is often higher than that of full -moon children, such as listening, vision, and brain developmental disorders and other diseases such as cognition and psychological disorders.

Premature birth is also considered to be the result of the combination of multiple factors, involving various aspects such as mothers, society and environment.Therefore, the problem of premature birth should be paid attention to.

Artificial abortion can be divided into surgical abortion and drug abortion according to whether or not drugs or tools are selected.

Artificial abortion can be divided into early abortion, maternity induction and advanced labor according to the time of abortion.

Under normal circumstances, women have the largest number of people who choose early abortion, and are submitted in the middle period, and they are rare in the late stage.

1. Surgical abortion

Surgical abortion refers to a way of miscarriage that uses a certain surgical instrument to discharge the embryo tissue in the uterus, including negative pressure attraction and expansion pliers.

Negative pressure attraction refers to the method of exhausting the internal embryo tissue by relying on electric pumping or manual suction.

Studies have found that electric pumping and manual suction are more secure surgical abortion.Another foreign study compared the two abortion surgery methods of electric suction and manual pumping, and found that there was no statistical difference in postoperative complications of the two surgical methods.

Therefore, negative pressure attraction is a recommendation method for women to choose abortion in early pregnancy.

When pregnant women are in the middle of pregnancy, it is generally recommended to use dilated clamp scraping to terminate pregnancy. It refers to the method of using a long ovaries to clamp the embryo tissue of the uterine in the uterus on the basis of the preparation of cervical dilatation preparation.

The effect of expanding pliers is affected by many factors, including the fetal age of the abdomen abdomen, the type of sedative drugs, the place where the abortion, and the legal background where the abortion is located.

When performing expansion curettage, cervical expansion and multiple drug synergies can effectively reduce postoperative complications.Studies have found that the use of drug groups has a higher abortion rate than the abortion of the placebo group.

Another study also confirmed that the cervical dilatation time after the use of macolytol can be shortened to 1 hour.Some studies have also confirmed that the use of permeability dilatators or drugs can effectively reduce complications after surgical abortion.

Research on the previous research on expansion clamp scratching and postoperative complications has achieved certain results, but there are still short samples, the preparation of cervical dilatation and postoperative complications, and other shortcomings.

2. Drug abortion

Before the 1970s, due to the main use of high -perfuel saline, sodium and other toxic substances because of drug abortion, and postoperative complications that were not mature and brought about at that time, the development of drug abortion was relatively slow.

After the 1970s, with the further development of drugs such as prostatic and anticurium, drug abortion was gradually promoted in some areas where surgical abortion cannot provide surgical abortion.It has also become an increasingly common replacement of surgical abortion.

Natural prostaglandin was originally used alone in early pregnancy abortion, but due to its rapid metabolism and low specificity, the side effects were large and the repeated abortion rate was high.

Although the synthetic prostaglandin is more ideal than the natural primary primary, it will also bring side effects such as vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain to some abortion.To relieve pain.

With the advent of Mirfidone, the safety and utilization rate of drug abortion have been further improved.Mi butterol is a kind of anticurp ketone, which acts on the molt and uterine muscle layer by acting, which causes mincer necrosis and uterine muscle contraction to achieve the purpose of abortion of women.

Mi Feitarone has been legally used by more than 60 countries since 1998 to 2019.

At present, the use of macyehyl and macoolitone is used for the abortion of early pregnancy in pregnant women. The complete abortion rate can be as high as 93%within 10 weeks, but as the gestational weeks increase, the effect will gradually decrease.

At the same time, previous studies have found that in the absence of macyehyls, alternative can be used, but how the efficacy and side effects brought by the two need to be further discussed.

White capsule pills are sprinkled next to the pill bottle

Mepitone and macoerol are recommended to use the medium -term abortion of women and use them widely abroad. However, the different ways of administration can also cause the effects of effects. For example, vaginal injection is more effective than under -tongue injection.

Mattolitone and macolyterol can effectively reduce the complications of post -abortion, which also significantly improves the safety of women in the intermediate termination of pregnancy, while reducing the duplicate abortion rate by about 50%.

Generally speaking, the combination of macylidone and macolytol is a solution with the best effect and most tolerance of women in the middle of pregnancy in the middle of pregnancy.

Artificial abortion is an obstetric incident that many women of childbearing age will experience, and about 5.6 million artificial abortion occurs every year around the world.

Previous studies believe that artificial abortion is a traumatic stress event, and it will inevitably have a certain long -term impact on women.

There are 49.7%of women who have experienced abortions and unprecedented giving births, and about 80%of women who have experienced artificial abortion will choose to pregnancy again. The history of artificial flow may also affect the next pregnancy ending, such as premature birth.

Neonatal Intensive Care

Premature birth means that pregnant women are calculated at the last menstrual period, and pregnancy is less than 37 weeks or 259 days.At present, many scholars at home and abroad have discussed the relationship between artificial abortion experience and premature birth.

A review discusses the correlation between artificial abortion experience and premature birth, and found that the history of pregnant women’s previous artificial flow will increase the risk of premature birth in the next pregnancy, and as the number of abortion increases, the risk of premature birth will also follow it.Increase.

After controlling related mixed factors, a Mate analysis found that once and multiple artificial abortion experiences increased the risk of re -pregnancy.

Some large cases of research or retrospective queue studies have also obtained the same research results, which may have potential limitation infections with endometrium after abortion, cervical damage caused by cervical expansion, increasing the chance of relaxation reproductive tract infection, etc.Causes premature birth.

In order to further understand the pathogenic mechanism of premature birth, a large number of scholars have carried out a series of research on the degree of association between artificial abortion experience and premature subtypes.

Some scholars have explored the correlation between artificial abortion experience and premature birth and their subtypes, and found that the experience of artificial abortion may increase the risk of extremely premature premature premature birth, early premature birth and late premature birth.

Studies have found that artificial abortion experience is related to the occurrence of spontaneous premature birth in pregnant women in pregnancy, and the risk of increasing abortion increased risk.However, some studies have found that artificial abortion will not affect the next pregnancy premise.

Some queue studies that control important mixed factors have found that or multiple abortion of abortion will not increase the risk of re -pregnancy and premature birth.

The 36 studies were reviewed and found that the choice of artificial abortion may have different impacts. Surgical abortion is an independent risk factors for premature birth. Therefore, more secure technology should be selected when performing surgical abortion.

In recent years, some studies have found that some Western countries will use macolymoryl alcohol before performing surgical abortion, which will also reduce the impact of abortion on the next pregnancy to a certain extent.

1. Reduce the incidence of artificial abortion

Strengthening the propaganda of reproductive health and contraceptive knowledge plays an important role in reducing the incidence of artificial abortion.

Therefore, women should be able to understand contraception related knowledge in all directions and find effective contraceptive methods suitable for themselves.

At present, the more common contraceptive methods are oral short -acting contraceptives, especially for women who have not planned planning. It is a safe and reliable way. It can also reduce the risk of diseases such as endometrial cancer and ovarian cancer.

For childcare women who need long -term contraception and unwilling to take medicine, the birthplace in the palace is a good choice.

As a long -acting and reversible effective contraceptive method, the in -palace has the advantages of economy and security. The contraceptive success rate can reach 90%.

When oral contraceptives or in -palaces are not applicable, condoms can also be used as a choice, but the chance of contraceptive failure is at a high level.

The subcutaneous burial contraceptive method refers to placing a certain dose of progesterone in the silicon capsule tube and buried it under the skin to achieve the purpose of contraception by slowly and a small amount of progesterone.

It can be valid for 3-5 years, and contraceptive success is as high as 99.7%, but implantation is required, and the process is more complicated.

2. Women who are not willing to pregnancy to terminate pregnancy as soon as possible

Women who are not willing to pregnancy should terminate pregnancy as soon as possible to reduce damage to the endometrium as much as possible.

Therefore, women with childbearing age should be strengthened to understand the knowledge of relevant reproductive health in order to be able to discover and terminate non -willing pregnancy in time.

When children of childbearing age choose the abortion, medical staff should pay attention to fully expanding the cervix before surgery, and strictly follow the principles of sterile operation. The movements should be gently to reduce the possibility of cervical damage.

At the same time, antibiotic antibiotics were given postoperative.Corresponding contraceptive measures should also be taken according to their own situation after surgery to reduce the chance of repetitive abortion.

3. Strengthen the service after abortion and care after abortion services

The concept of post -abortion service was first proposed by international project support and service organizations in 1991. It means that through a series of services, it can popularize contraceptive knowledge to women after abortion, so that they can correctly take contraceptive measures.

The post -abortion service is mainly composed of three parts: medical services, consulting services, and abortion family planning services.

In the past, some studies have found that women of childbearing age can be restored to ovulation in the first menstrual cycle after artificial abortion. Therefore, women should pay attention to the emphasis on reproductive health related knowledge.

There are also research objects to group the after -abortion service in accordance with whether the aborted service is implemented. The correct contraception rate between the two groups was compared with the two groups. The result was found that the correct contraception rate of the post -abortion service group was 48%higher than the control group.

The implementation of post -abortion services effectively improves women’s understanding of contraceptive knowledge, which can significantly reduce the number of miscarriage to a certain extent, thereby reducing the duplicate abortion rate.

According to global data, women who have had a history of artificial flow account for about 25%.As a large population country, China has a total number of artificial abortion accounted for about 1/5 of the world’s each year, and it has the characteristics of younger youthfulness, high proportion of unconventional women, and high repeated abortion rates.

Artificial abortion is a traumatic stress event that will have a certain impact on women’s reproductive health. For example, some near -term complications after surgery, including may affect the re -pregnancy and premature birth.

In order to reduce the harm of artificial abortion to society, family, etc., prevention becomes vital.

Including contraceptive measures to reduce the incidence of artificial miscarriage, as early as possible for women who are willing to pregnancy to reduce pregnancy as soon as possible to reduce the damage to the endometrium, improve the correct contraceptive consciousness of women, and strengthen the monitoring of pregnancy during pregnant women with artificial abortion.

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