Will eating instant noodles raised blood sugar?Can people with diabetes eat instant noodles?See what kind of situation you are

To say "the king of fast food", the instant noodles are not allowed, and the price is affordable and can enjoy different flavors. It is really the world of food.But for people who need to be taboo, are the food that can be eaten in instant noodles, will it raise blood sugar after eating?

Do you really know instant noodles?

At present, there are two forms of instant noodles on the market, which are square and circular. After processing and processing, seasonings, vegetable bags, sauce, etc. are placed on the deliciousness.

Why are there many people say that instant noodles are "junk food"?In fact, there are no junk foods, only garbage eating, and targeting square noodles. It is fried food in itself, especially people with poor gastrointestinal digestion and absorption. For long -term eating instant noodles, simply snacks, etc., they may affect their appetite.

Many people cannot ignore that the noodle cakes and oil bags are not low. From the analysis of the "Chinese Food Nutrition Sets", the calories per 100 grams of instant noodle cakes are 447 kcal, while seasoningExcessive salt content.

Some surveys found that the sodium content in instant noodles is as high as 2000 ~ 300mg. A large amount of consumption is not only unfavorable to stabilize blood pressure, but also increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

In addition, there are other sayings about instant noodles, such as the packaging of barrels of instant noodles with wax, the inner wall will be dissolved in hot water, people cannot digest, and after adding hot water, it is easy to release toxic and harmful substances.

But in fact, the reason why this layer of wax is painted is mainly the material of polyethylene, which is not harmful to the health of the body. Instead, it is safer and has a high temperature to resist. Don’t worry.

Now that the misunderstanding is revealed, will eating instant noodles raised blood sugar?Can people with diabetes eat instant noodles?See what kind of situation you are.

If your blood sugar fluctuates large or has diabetes itself, there is also a merging of diabetic eye disease, diabetic nephropathy, etc. It is not recommended to eat instant noodles frequently.Its noodle cakes are not only high -carbohydrate foods, but also can easily soar blood sugar.

Coupled with other condiments, it is not good for diabetic patients to control their own blood pressure and blood lipid levels.From this point of view, eating instant noodles will raise blood sugar.

But it is not necessary to eat healthy. If diabetic patients want to eat instant noodles, they can choose coarse grain cakes and change them to appropriate amounts of salt, soy sauce, etc. without adding flavoring products, and add fresh vegetables, such as spinach, rapeseed rapeseed, Cabbage, Tomatoes, eggs rich in protein, and ensure that the amount of staple foods can be in the size of a fist. You might as well try such a healthy way of eating.

Of course, if the noodle cakes of instant noodles are replaced with staple foods made with coarse grain flour, the health effect is better.

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