Will medication affect the fetus under accidents?What should pregnant women pay attention to?

Prosecution: I just accidentally got pregnant, but during the conception, I was anesthetic because of my wisdom tooth extraction, and I also ate antididazole decentralized tablets.

Question: Is the situation of these medicines and anesthesia a great impact on the fetus?Is it necessary to supplement folic acid at present?

Answer: Your situation belongs to the "neglect of medication", referring to the pregnant woman who has not discovered that he is conceived in time because he ignores his menstrual history when he is used for medication, and misuses some drugs that affect the fetus.This situation is actually common in clinical.The three drugs you use: Tyrannotal Powers (Lida Vaine), Ondidazole, and ibuprofen are all type B drugs, that is, no danger to the fetus in the animal reproductive test, but the control group of no pregnant woman, orThere are side reactions (light) on animal reproductive tests, but in the control group of early pregnant women, it cannot be sure of its side reactions (and there is no dangerous evidence in mid -to -late and late pregnancy).Still a relatively safe medicine.

In fact, I personally think that the impact of the drug is not great, but there may be a psychological burden, so it is still important to relieve the stress after all.

It is necessary to supplement folic acid, and small doses (0.4 mg) are appropriate.The main role is to prevent fetal nerve tube malformations, with an effective rate of 85%; preventing the fetal lip and palate by 50%; preventing birth defects such as fetal heart disease and other body surface deformities; preventing pregnant women, nursing nurses and fetal anemia.1 piece daily.

Suggestion: 1. The impact of the previous medication can be relaxed. Class B drugs are still safe, and the amount is not large, the course of treatment is not long, and the impact is small.2. Maintain a peaceful mindset, protect the fetus happily, and do a good job of standardized and regular production inspection.3. It is necessary to supplement folic acid, but there are two principles for nutritional supplements: one is that those who can supplement from ordinary foods do not need nutritional supplements; the other is to pay attention to the amount.The influence is not desirable.

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