Will pregnant women do CT examinations affect the baby?After reading this article carefully, you will gain a lot

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"New crown" is here. Most patients are manifested as fever, fatigue and dry cough. A few people are accompanied by nasal congestion, runny nose and diarrhea.

If there is a pregnant mother now, and there is a history of contact area in the epidemic area, then you must start to worry about whether he is really a "recruitment".If you want to diagnose, the chest CT is a very important examination. Therefore, many pregnant mothers worry that CT examinations will affect the development of the fetus. Today, the Hunan Provincial Maternal and Child Health Institute (Hunan Provincial Research Medical Research Institute) will take you to find out.

CT is a type of X -ray. X -rays do have certain radiation on the human body and will also have a certain impact on the fetus.

However, radiation must reach a certain amount to cause damage.The following is a guide released by the Maternity and Gynecology Association in 2017. For the fetus, different fetal age corresponds to different ray safety doses:

0-2 weeks of pregnancy: The threshold of the teratogenic dose (that is, minimum effect) is 50-100MSV (Rysen unit: Cosaceve), which mainly affects the death of the fetus.

2-8 weeks of pregnancy: The threshold of the teratogenic dose is 200msv, which mainly affects the fetal congenital malformation.

8-15 weeks of pregnancy: The threshold of the teratogenic dose is 60-310MSV, which mainly affects intellectual development and malformations.

From the above, the minimum effect of the fetus is 50msv. Theoretically, as long as it does not exceed this value, it is safe.

Let’s take a look at the chest CT. The radiation dose of an ordinary chest tablet is 0.02msv, and the ct of the chest is 8msv.Obviously, these radiation doses are within the scope of safety.

Therefore, the fetal radiation dose of a chest CT is still safer.

However, if pregnant mothers must be tested in the chest CT due to the needs of the disease, please tell your doctor frankly and take appropriate abdominal protection measures to ensure the safety of your own and the fetus.

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(First source: WeChat public account of Hunan Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital)

Special Author of Hunan Medical Chat: Hunan Maternal and Child Health Hospital Medical Genetic Genetics Section

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